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    sebine favorited Drive and Morbius 5 minutes ago




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    DisneyStitch commented on The Birds 6 minutes ago
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    I always think of this film as a kind of zombie apocalypse movie except without the zombies, or the decent character development, or a plot that makes some degree of sense. I mean Hitchcock is my all-time fave director but this one just seems off. Jamaica Inn and Rebecca were both stories by Dame Daphne du Maurier and both were adapted to the screen by old Hitch. The Birds is his third stab at the same author's material and just feels like a lackluster short story given the big screen treatment. The suspense is very real, but builds towards a disappointing climax. It's simply incongruous with the material of the same man that gave us Psycho or Rear Window.
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    nbharpe checked Marrowbone 6 minutes ago


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    anitaa favorited The Player 7 minutes ago

    The Player

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    anitaa checked The Player 7 minutes ago

    The Player

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    taelam checked Hasaki Ya Suda 8 minutes ago
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    edhoe checked Dark Passage 10 minutes ago
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    natalielimleyee checked Thelma & Louise 11 minutes ago
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    patosol checked The Wire: Lessons 13 minutes ago
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    galanga checked Signs 14 minutes ago



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