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Nominations for new official lists

06 April, 2018 — 17 comments

When we adopted our last batch of lists in January we mentioned that we were planning to do a poll for list suggestions so that we can get a sense of what you, our wonderful and dedicated users, are interested in seeing going forward. Well,…


28 January, 2018 — 45 comments

Since we've introduced paid subscriptions, we've put a number of features behind the 'pay wall'. And as always, what you put behind this wall…

Happy New Year!

14 January, 2018 — 42 comments

Welcome to a new year and with it the usual slew of updates to the awards and year end critics lists. We’d like to, belatedly, ring in the new…

The Lords of the Lists: May

30 May, 2017 — 16 comments

It has been longer than anticipated since our last blog post, but rest assured, it's here now! We've been working hard on keeping all official…

The Help

28 June, 2016

In our quest to improve the whole iCheckMovies experience we're not only implementing a 12 comments

The Lords of the Lists: June

02 June, 2016

It's been a little over seven years since the site went live. A long road with some bumps…


The Lord of the Lists: February

07 February, 2016

Welcome to a new year on iCheckMovies! Today we bring you a present of four new lists:


The Departed

07 October, 2015

We have an announcement to make.

Erik and Piet have indicated that they want…


The Hunt for Red October

01 October, 2015

As you may recall, in the previous…



17 June, 2015

In our previous blog post, we…


Il futuro

22 April, 2015 — 60 comments

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

03 November, 2014 — 16 comments

Double Impact

17 October, 2014 — 14 comments

The Informant!

18 August, 2014 — 18 comments


07 July, 2014 — 50 comments
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