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Double Impact

17 October, 2014 — 20 comments

As some of you will have noticed, sometimes duplicate movies appear on iCM. This is due to a mistake in our source of movies, IMDb. Luckily, IMDb fixes these mistakes, but we have no way of being notified of these corrections.

Doubling the Canon - 2011 version

30 April, 2011 — 39 comments

Hello there!

We received several emails notifying us of the fact that the Doubling the Canon list had been updated. Being the…

Doubling the Canon list updated

02 April, 2010 — 20 comments

Not so long ago, the Doubling the Canon list was updated so a lot of people requested us to update the list. Well, we did. We also updated the…


25 February, 2011 — 25 comments

Today iCheckMovies will experience several hours of downtime as our servers will be moved to another server park. This is necessary for us to…

Drive My Car through the Summer of Soul to see The Wizard of Oz before there's No Way Home

17 May, 2022

Aaaaaand, we're back!

2022 is almost half-way over, and we've finally got some…


Duplicate entries

08 February, 2011

Over the last couple of days, we have received quite a lot of emails notifying us of…


Duplicate entries: fixed

11 February, 2011

We have fixed the duplicate entries problem! All existing duplicates have been removed (and…


Fast messaging

06 November, 2009

You guys have probably noted that viewing your messages was at times quite a slow operation.…


Feeling Iffy? We’ve got the cure!

01 May, 2021

More than one year on, many of us are still trying to adjust to the "new normal"…


Five new lists

30 October, 2009

We know most of you guys are always hungry for new top lists, so we listened to what you…


Fixed AKA titles

20 October, 2009 — 20 comments

Foreign lists

15 December, 2009 — 30 comments

Four new official lists

03 November, 2019 — 39 comments

Happy New Year!

14 January, 2018 — 54 comments

Home Improvement

01 May, 2012 — 57 comments
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