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Cover Girl

17 April, 2012 — 31 comments

Ever since the first day iCheckMovies was released, we have received emails of people notifying us of missing or incorrect covers. Most of the missing or incorrect covers had to do with the source we were using for our covers. However, as of…

The Adopted

05 March, 2012 — 39 comments

At the moment of posting, over 2600 personal lists have been added! Some of those lists are just as interesting as the existing official…

The Searchers

08 February, 2012 — 16 comments

We have updated the website today, fixing some annoying issues (such as public lists not being shown on the profile page and minor edits of…

Private Parts

23 January, 2012 — 31 comments

Our lead / leet developer Erik has spent most of his free time last week on an awesome new feature:

Back to the future

18 January, 2012

While you were busy making awesome new top lists and checking movies, we worked on…



04 January, 2012

Happy new year! While you were out partying and watching movies, we've been working hard on…



30 December, 2011

Lots of you noticed that there was a problem with the watchlist, where we lost data during…


A New Hope

29 December, 2011

The release of version 2.0 was not as smooth as we had hoped, far from it actually.…


iCheckMovies: The Next Generation

27 December, 2011

As you can tell by looking around you, we've finally made it: iCheckMovies 2.0! We're so…


It's a Wonderful Life

19 December, 2011

Christmas is coming! Normally, after two days of festivities one gets to rest, but not for…


Ça commence aujourd'hui

20 October, 2011 — 36 comments


04 October, 2011 — 23 comments

Modern Times

06 September, 2011 — 41 comments

IMDb votes import

16 August, 2011 — 46 comments

The color of money

26 July, 2011 — 39 comments
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