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Kong and the Silver Dove: Ape with a Movie Camera

18 May, 2023 — 32 comments

Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere, and with the changing of the seasons comes another regular happening: new list adoptions!

We have four lists to add to the Official roster this round, and we hope that you will enjoy…


04 January, 2012 — 43 comments

Happy new year! While you were out partying and watching movies, we've been working hard on making the new iCheckMovies experience even more…


13 May, 2014 — 20 comments

Yesterday, iCheckMovies celebrated its fifth anniversary! Hoorah! Thank you all for being part of these exciting times.


Many, many new top lists

15 September, 2009 — 15 comments

Well, new features are one thing, but what about new top lists? What about 5 new top lists? I'm sorry, you want even more? Okay, how…

Maximum Overdrive

27 November, 2012

One of the most requested features (see 43 comments

Men at Work

04 April, 2014

As some of you might have heard, we are working on a 61 comments

Merry Christmas

20 December, 2010

As we really, really like you guys, we decided that we wanted to give you all a (small)…


Modern Times

06 September, 2011

As you all have noticed, our servers were under so much stress that they had…


More features (and top lists)!

05 June, 2009

We have just updated iCheckMovies. We have added several much requested features, most…


More feeds, less bugs

08 February, 2010

We just did a short update to fix some things and add some more feeds. Besides our news feed…


Movie quiz: The Cryptic Canvas

24 May, 2009 — 49 comments

National Film Registry

08 January, 2010 — 24 comments

New servers!

14 August, 2009 — 36 comments

New update

14 August, 2009 — 14 comments

New week, new features

26 May, 2009 — 34 comments
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