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New year, new official lists

29 January, 2019 — 53 comments

Over the middle of last year we asked for feedback on what lists should be official, ending up with a short list of 37 lists on which we got 191 responses. Based on these results we're adopting four well performing lists for the new year, and…

New year, new update

10 January, 2010 — 24 comments

New year, new update!

Hi there! We wish you all a very happy 2010! To celebrate the new year, we have our first update! This…

No more ads and new and customizable lists

13 November, 2009 — 27 comments

The addition of Google Ads on our site didn't bring us what we wanted: some hard-needed money. So we thought: if we hardly make any money from…

Nominations for new official lists

06 April, 2018 — 24 comments

When we adopted our last batch of lists in January we mentioned that we were planning to do a poll for list suggestions so that we can get a…


03 July, 2009

You have probably noticed that the site isn't what it used to be, speed-wise. The reason for…



04 October, 2011

In all our enthusiasm, we announced that we were working on iCheckMovies 2.0 quite a long…


Polls for new official lists

14 June, 2018

In our last blog post we talked about running a poll for new official lists and thanks to…


Private Parts

23 January, 2012

Our lead / leet developer Erik has spent most of his free time last week on an awesome new…


Re-ordering fixed!

19 March, 2010

One of the longest standing bugs was that re-ordering of favorites/dislikes/watchlist did…



07 July, 2014

Summer* is here, so time for another batch of new lists! With the help of our dear 50 comments

Search fixed

18 April, 2010 — 23 comments

So You Think You Can Moderate?

23 April, 2021 — 46 comments

Social media

17 May, 2011 — 25 comments

Some fixes and updated lists

20 February, 2011 — 19 comments

Some small fixes

06 February, 2011 — 22 comments
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