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iCM 2.0 preview: checking any movie

08 May, 2010 — 109 comments

We know you guys really want iCheckMovies 2.0 to be released. We are working our proverbial asses off, but to ease the waiting we will be posting a series of iCM 2.0 preview blog posts. In these posts, we will be highlighting a particular…

Search fixed

18 April, 2010 — 23 comments

As some of you noted, the search functionality was kinda broken so we fixed it. Furthermore, we updated the

Doubling the Canon list updated

02 April, 2010 — 20 comments

Not so long ago, the Doubling the Canon list was updated so a lot of people requested us to update the list. Well, we did. We also updated the…

Top lists and compare seen movies

29 March, 2010 — 27 comments

Although we received a lot of positive feedback on the new top lists, some of you felt we really missed out on some countries. This release…

Country-specific top lists

22 March, 2010

We got a lot of positive feedback on the country-specific top lists, so we decided to add…


IMDb import bugfix

21 March, 2010

Although we enthusiastically announced that we fixed a bug in the IMDb import (which we…


Re-ordering fixed!

19 March, 2010

One of the longest standing bugs was that re-ordering of favorites/dislikes/watchlist did…


Intermediate release

15 March, 2010

You will probably have noticed that the updates have become less frequent. This is due to us…


More feeds, less bugs

08 February, 2010

We just did a short update to fix some things and add some more feeds. Besides our news feed…


Updated TSPDT 21st century list and new spanish movies list

01 February, 2010

A lot of people asked us to update the 18 comments

Twitter extension now working as it should

23 January, 2010 — 19 comments

Ten thousand users = new features

22 January, 2010 — 13 comments

New year, new update

10 January, 2010 — 24 comments

National Film Registry

08 January, 2010 — 24 comments

Foreign lists

15 December, 2009 — 30 comments
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