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Movie quiz: The Cryptic Canvas

24 May, 2009 — 49 comments

When we're not watching movies, we talk about them. When we can't find anyone to talk to, we play guessing games.

About movies, naturally.

So we were pretty stoked when we found out that Empire put up a movie…

Tracking favorites

23 May, 2009 — 13 comments

Since everyone seems so keen on finding out what everybody's favorite movies is, let us help you out with that.

As you know, we…

We love movies, as do you (apparently)

22 May, 2009 — 23 comments

We couldn't help noticing that

Importing your IMDB votes

22 May, 2009 — 7 comments

Do you have public vote history on IMDB? If so, why go through all the trouble of manually checking all movies in that list on…

Bragging on the internet

05 May, 2009

So after having checked all movies you have seen (and perhaps even gaining an award or two),…


Top list quotes

04 May, 2009

Did you know that behind each top list icon there is a quote directly related to that top…


Welcome to!

01 May, 2009

Hi there, welcome to the blog. Through this blog, we will keep you updated…

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