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30 December, 2011 — 67 comments

Lots of you noticed that there was a problem with the watchlist, where we lost data during the conversion. We are glad to announce that the old watchlist data is back. The only downside is that for everyone that had a watchlist on…

Watchlists, disliked movies and context menus.

19 October, 2009 — 27 comments

Thanks for the feedback everyone! As you can tell, we quickly reverted the English titles feature :)

We love movies, as do you (apparently)

22 May, 2009 — 23 comments

We couldn't help noticing that

Welcome to!

01 May, 2009 — 18 comments

Hi there, welcome to the blog. Through this blog, we will keep you updated on what's happening on Expect…

What's taking so long?

09 November, 2010

It's about time we told you what the status of iCheckMovies 2.0 is, don't you agree? We're…


Who runs the Box Office? Latin Women!

01 March, 2020

In our last blogpost we wrote: “It has been some months since our last adoptions and it’s…


¿Dónde está Santa Claus?

09 January, 2021

As 2020 drew to a close amidst a global pandemic, many children were worrying that Santa…

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