A Christmas Story

The end of the year approaches rapidly, which means that most of us will have (lots of) time to watch some movies! As of today, we have five new top lists that you can use to select movies from.

First up, there is the More Noirs from TSPDT list, which is an addendum to the existing 250 Quintessential Noir Films list. It includes both "classic noir" movies as well as "neo-noir" movies. This list has been adopted from WalterNeff, which name is in itself a film-noir reference to one of the best film-noirs ever in our humble opinion.

Secondly, we have added a much-required country list: Polish Film Institute's 100 Years of Polish Cinema. Poland has a very long tradition of cinematography, of which this list gives a selection of the best Polish movies. This list has been adopted from mjf314.

Next is the 100 Classic Martial Arts Films. This list is special in that it replaces an existing official list, namely the Martial Arts list. That list was added a long time ago but was problematic as it did not have a single list source (which is a requirement for official lists). We therefore have removed the Martial Arts list as an official list and added it as a personal list. The list we just adopted (100 Classic Martial Arts Films) is the new official martial arts list. That list has been adopted from Life as Fiction.

The fourth list is a list that fills a void on our official lists section, namely the lack of a good action movies list. We had some trouble finding a good list so we turned to our good friends on the unofficial iCheckMovies forum for help. With their help, we found this wonderful list: Action! The Action Movie A-Z, which contains 250 key action movies. Van Damme, Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Seagal, they are all there. There is even a hint of Christmas in this list as Die Hard and Die Hard 2 have its action take place at Christmas time :) Timec is the user that created this list.

And lastly, something completely different with the Anthology Film Archives' Essential Cinema list. This list was an attempt to define the art of cinema. As such, it has got a lot of experimental films by renowed experimental film directors like Stan Brakhage and Kenneth Anger. Our thanks go out to bdcortright, from which we have adopted this list.

These are the new lists' icons:


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

The iCheckMovies team

19 December, 2013