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jbbeebe has a nice list too.
14 years 11 months ago
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So many great suggestions here! I second all of these:

1. IMDb's Bottom 100.

2. Critics' Tab, with yearly lists by Rosenbaum, Hoberman, Siskel, Ebert, Kehr, Sarris, Taubin, Travers, Wilmington, White and Cahiers du Cinema, all avaliable here:

3. Adult films (they were legitimate for a while).

4. Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Toronto and Berlin laureates.

5. Slant and Rosenbaum's "alternate 100" lists.

6. Oscar-nominated Foreign Films, Documentaries and Shorts. And how about expanding the Oscar list to include the films that were nominated for Best Picture, or make an alternate list with the nominees?

7. Apparently there used to be a "Top 250 Exploitation & Grindhouse Movie" list somewhere, but I can't find it anywhere. More lists for specific film genres would be nice, as the ones from the IMDb often favor the more recent and popular movies rather than the real classics. Just look at how bad is the Top Documentaries list. Green Cine's is much better, too bad it's only 50 items long:
14 years 11 months ago
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NYT Best 1,000 movies ever made
14 years 11 months ago
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Will a way to donate be added? The server has been getting slower as more people use the site. I would be willing to donate to help keep this site going. (Just do not make it required)
14 years 11 months ago
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Nice, so many lists =) Will the lists from be added?
14 years 11 months ago
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How about the famous Sight & Sound Lists. Can be found here:
14 years 11 months ago
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Thanks. How about including Slant's top 100?
14 years 11 months ago
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I would like more Academy Award lists (maybe its own tab)
Best Foreign Film
Best Documentary
Best Director
Best Make up
14 years 11 months ago
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I second the requests for Rosenbaum's list: as well as the Palm d'Or and maybe Sundance/Berlin/Toronto/Venice winners too!
14 years 11 months ago
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thank you!

Some suggestions:
- an 'Adult Genre' list, even the Imdb includes one.
- a 'critic's lists' tab that agroups Rosenbaum's lists, Derek Malcolm's century of films, Ebert's, etc.
- to include a subgenres tab would be interesting: Giallo, Spaghetti Western, Zombie's flicks, Bollywood. I have some of these lists.

thx for the great job!
14 years 11 months ago
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Blueboybob: go to and watch random homemade clips. Plenty of bad stuff there. ;)
14 years 11 months ago
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What about "bad" movies? Like the IMDB Bottom 100
14 years 12 months ago
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Bin M. Khulayf

first of all, i really want to thank you for the new lists, and for me i would like if you have the Jonathan Rosenbaum's alternative 100 American best movies and the winners of "palm dor" in Cannes.

and again, thanks for the new lists :)
14 years 12 months ago
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Going on what Leejon said it would be nice to sort all my unseen movies by year. Sometimes I just want to watch a more modern movie.
14 years 12 months ago
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The more lists, the better, but remember about quality. ;)
14 years 12 months ago

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