And the small surprise is... new top lists! Yeah, that's right, seven! We have listened to all your requests and added some of the most requested lists. One of our sources was the unofficial Facebook page, where users got to vote for the lists they wanted added to iCheckMovies (Facebook page top list vote results). The list of added top lists is:
Have You Seen? A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films by David Thomson
Academy Award Best Cinematograpy winners
Academy Award Best Picture Nominees
C├ęsar Award - Best Film winners
Timeout's 100 Best British films
100 Korean Films
Times' 100 Best French Films

I'm glad that we finally have shown some love for French cinema, which absolutely deserves it.

Furthermore, we have updated the
501 Must See Movies to its second edition and added this year's winner to BAFTA - Best Film.

Amongst the bug fixes were a bug with the Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films list that prevented users from getting a platinum award and a movie covers updating bug. Expect more covers to be added over the next couple of weeks.

A great thanks go out to the following users, without which this update would not have been possible: mjf314, MovieDearest, 3rd and ho0lmgren. Thanks a lot!

We hope you guys enjoy the update!

14 February, 2011