And two more!

It’s been a few months since the last blogpost. Then we introduced some new members to the team. New members bring new activity and this has resulted in yet another batch of new official lists. We don’t want to overwhelm you with a lot of new lists at the same time, so here are just two for you to dive into.

Not much makes us forget our own daily sorrows like a good laugh and vicarious butterflies in our stomachs, so it’s no wonder the romantic comedy (also simply known as the romcom) has been popular for decades. They make us smile at meet cutes, laugh at the inevitable clash of personalities and swoon when the two lovers finally do kiss. Therefore we are proud to shine a light on this immensely popular genre with Paste's The 100 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time. (Adopted from Panunzio)

Argentina has been producing films for over a century and is often seen as one of the three major Latin American countries for cinema (along with Brazil and Mexico). The film industry was so robust early on that a national award was created in 1942 by the Asociación de Cronistas Cinematográficos de la Argentina, which has been awarded for over 70 years, barring a brief interruption due to intervention from the military dictatorship. And while many national and festival awards name their top prizes after gold, the Silver Condor award for Best Argentinian Film stays true to Argentina’s name and heritage - from the Italian word meaning “made of silver”. In celebration of the upcoming 204th anniversary of Argentina’s independence on July 9th, we invite you to check out the list and explore some of the best films the country has to offer. (Adopted from max-scl)

Apart from the two new lists announcement, we like to take this opportunity to tell you about a few updates.

TSZDT's The 1,000 Greatest Horror Films, Doubling the Canon and FOK!'s Film Top 250 had their yearly updates, which were again quite major.

After nine years, the Arts & Faith community conducted a new poll of their top 100 films. After much discussion, they added a new restriction of one film per director, and as a result there’s quite a shake-up in the updated list, including a new number one film. This new list also sought to seek a broader and more diverse view of spirituality than previous versions. Check out the latest version here.

In 2010 we added Livejournal’s 100 Best Russian Movies. At the time we thought it was a poll. Recently, it came to our attention that it is mostly a personal list - only 29 of the 100 films were voted on, and the other films were either selected by the blog author or suggested by readers (without a vote). One of our rules is that a personal list cannot be official. After running the idea by you, our users, we replaced the Livejournal list with Empire Russia’s 100 Best Russian Films: Readers’ Choice, voted by readers of the Russian edition of Empire (a film magazine). As it was voted by the public, it provides a different perspective than the Russian Guild list, which was voted by critics.

Finally we want to inform you that xianjiro has left the mod team, we want to thank him for his contributions.

Enjoy the new lists and updates! Happy checking!

The iCheckMovies team

30 July, 2020