Around the World in 80 Days

We have been very busy working on the iCheckMovies iPhone app lately, however we felt that the website deserved some love too. We figured you would be most pleased with more official lists, so here comes adoption round number two!


The following lists have been adopted:

You can see that there is quite some variety in the selected lists, hopefully there is something in there for everyone. If you don't like any of the adopted lists, don't be a sad panda! We will of course be adopting more lists in the future. Maybe your own list(s) will be adopted!

Naturally, we want to thank the users from which we have adopted the lists. They have all created great lists and have unanimously been generous enough to allow us to adopt their list(s). Thank you all, you rock!

edit: in all our haste to adopt these lists, we forgot to mention where we got our inspiration for the selection of these particular lists from! There was a voting process on the unofficial iCheckMovies forum that aimed to present a list containing the lists most people wanted to be adopted. The end result of this selection process (in which 200 people cast their votes) was a list of 42 lists that people would most like to see adopted. You can see the end result here: most favorite lists results.
As you can see, we used this list as inspiration for the lists to adopt and we are likely to turn to this list again in the future when we will adopt more lists. We would hereby like to thank everyone that participated in this selection process, you have done an amazing job! Kudos to you all.


The iCheckMovies team

p.s. did you notice that we have a new toplist category for country-related lists?

16 August, 2012