Baby Boom

We want to start with an apology. Things have been awfully quiet on our side the last couple of months. There have been a number of reasons for that, but we will get to that later. First let's start with the good news: New official lists! We have adopted the following lists:


We feel that these list have some nice variety in them. Hopefully, you'll like them. We do plan on releasing lists more regularly, perhaps even following a strict schedule so you know beforehand when the next list will be release. More on this later.

Now on to the reasons why we have been more quiet than we would have liked. Let's start with the personal reasons. In the last six months, two members of our crew had new babies born (although strictly speaking their wives did the hard work), another got married and one of the aforementioned fathers is also in an evening school. These things tend to take a lot of time, more than we would have liked. However, we have not been completely idle, far from it! The only problem is that most of our work has been on the "backend" side, so none of that work is visible. A lot of backend work was necessary to be able to develop our mobile application. The backend work is finally done so work has now begun on the app itself (we are starting with the iPhone version). When we have something to show, we'll show you ASAP. Of course we want to thoroughly test the app and this will require beta testers. Some of you will get the chance to test the app before it will be released! More details on how to apply will follow when we are ready for beta testing. If you are interested in the technical changes we have been working on, you have a blog post to look forward to! In the not-so-far future we will be writing a blog post that will describe the technical changes we have been- and will be working on.

Rest assured that we are still fully committed to making iCheckMovies better and better. Lots of cool things are coming in the future! The next blog post should not be as far away as this one!

4 April, 2013