Big update

So you thought after a couple of weeks without updates that we were enjoying the fruits of our labour? Guess again! We were very busy giving you all kinds of cool new features and fixing stuff, mostly thanks to feedback we received from you. Keep it up! Here are the new features:

  • You can now specify the country you live in and your date of birth. We will use these data for some up-and-coming features, which I'm not allowed to talk about yet ;)
  • The top users lists are now more fair as users with equal scores now have the same position.
  • Got tired of waiting for all those 1000 covers to load? We now have a dynamic loading system that initially shows up to 100 movies, but you can easily load the rest if you want to. This should improve the page loading speed considerably for large lists.
  • The neighbours and recommendations algorithms have been tweaked to give you better results!
  • Ever had a recommendation you didn't like? How about the option to ignore a recommendation? Another recommendation will fill it's place! Just remember that you only have 5 extra recommendations each day.
  • Ever been interested to see who is the user with the most awards (which is not necessarily the top user)? Go check out our new top award users page!
  • Added search field to header, with auto-completion!
  • Preview a private message before you send it.

We hope you like our new features.

3 July, 2009