Since we've introduced paid subscriptions, we've put a number of features behind the 'pay wall'. And as always, what you put behind this wall is arguable. Back then, we made a few decisions that seemed good at the time, but after a while are actually not really that good.

One example of this is restricting the number of lists one can create. We thought this would promote creating good quality lists, as you only have one if you're not on a paid subscription, but this is not the case. It just prevented users, who don't like to pay for a website to create multiple great lists.

Another one was restricting which actions a free member could do on the search results page. For example, you're not able to favorite, dislike a movie straight from the search results. And you can't even filter or sort the results.

Well, as of today, all these restrictions have been removed! As a free member, you can now:

  • Create as many lists as you like!
  • Favorite, dislike, etc movies or lists straight from the search results
  • Sort and filter search results
  • List as many as 100 items per page on the search results page
But this is not all, we've also added a feature you might like!

Instant awards
For us, awards have always been the extra drive to complete a list. Before today, they were calculated once a day. Our new infrastructure allows us to speed this up significantly. Awards are now awarded almost instantly when checking off a list (an official one that is)! Next up is the instant updates to our rankings (they are also calculated once a day). More on that when we've finished that feature!

Progress on the beta
We've been running a beta of our new design for a while now. Though it might not look like it, we're making great progress. Based on your feedback, we've changed things up a bit and went back to the drawing board with a few pages. The result of that is not yet visible in the beta, but will be in the near future (when it is visible, we'll blog again with details). Again, we'd like to invite you to use the beta and provide us with more valuable feedback!

Happy checking!


The iCheckMovies team

28 January, 2018