Changes in team and new lists!

…and we’re back! In our previous blogpost we promised even more lists. We’re happy to add five lists with a wide variety of movies to check out while at home during these troubling times.

But before we get to the lists, we’d first like to tell you about some changes in the iCheckMovies team. The site is run by Marijn and he gets help from moderators who select new lists, update existing lists, maintain moviepages and a lot more. Recently, the group of moderators changed. We are very happy that Fergenaprido, Lonewolf2003 and xianjiro have joined the team. We also say goodbye to two previous moderators: Knaldskalle and WalterNeff. We thank them both for everything they’ve done for us over the past few years.

The iCheckMovies team consists of:
Marijn (owner, programmer, so just about everything…)
beavis (list selection)
DreCosby (list updates)
Fergenaprido (user support, list selection, list updates, moviepage edits)
joachimt (user support, list updates, moviepage edits)
Lonewolf2003 (list selection, list updates, moviepage edits)
mjf314 (list selection)
PeacefulAnarchy (user support, list selection, list updates, moviepage edits)
xianjiro (list selection, list updates)
The easiest way to contact the moderators about anything iCheckMovies-related is to post on the forum.

So without further ado, we present five new lists!

A new decade. People look back and remember the past 10 years. With movies it’s no different. Several lists of the best movies of the 2010s have appeared. We compared decade lists and decided that A.V. Club’s The Best Movies of the 2010s was the best choice. It covers different genres and countries, and includes well-known cinema hits as well as lesser-known arthouse movies. A.V. Club’s list of the 2000s was already an official list, so this is a great companion. (adopted from KlayBersk)

TSPDT's 1,000 Greatest Films is the fourth most popular list on iCheckMovies and one of the most famous best-of lists on the internet. The list is compiled from over 11,000 best-of lists collected by its creator and the result is a ranked top 1000. On TSPDT’s website the next 1000 best movies are now ranked (1001-2000). It came in at #10 in our most recent user poll. We decided to adopt TSPDT's 1,000 Greatest Films: 1001-2000, so you can now see your progress on the 2000 best movies ever. (adopted from PeacefulAnarchy)

Film canons often exclude stories by and about black people. To counter this bias and change the way people think about the history of movies, Slate’s The Black Film Canon provides a curated list of fifty movies made by black filmmakers from the US and beyond. We’re excited to move the spotlight in their direction. (adopted from monoglot)

Horror is covered well by lists with a broader scope on iCheckMovies, but our poll made clear that such a popular and diverse genre could do with a more specialist viewpoint. BFI’s 100 European Horror Films offers a well-curated list with Italian masters presented along with some gruesome Spaniards, a touch of the macabre from France, a pinch of German underground and much more! Already on 88 watchlists with 82 favorites, it’s clearly popular. This is our 8th adoption from the “BFI Screen Guides” series. (adopted from apronikoff)

As we continue to expand our selection of country lists, we adopt Maariv’s Best Israeli Films of All Time, based on a poll of 20 experts. It includes the internationally acclaimed “Waltz With Bashir”, as well as many other critically acclaimed and popular Israeli films. (adopted from Gershwin)

We have updated the Turkish list and renamed it Hürriyet’s The 100 Best Films of Turkish Cinema. It’s an update of Ekolay’s Best Turkish Films because Ekolay merged with Hürriyet. The new list is based on a poll of 100 film professionals. It includes most of the films from the old list, as well as some of the most acclaimed Turkish films of the last decade.

Finally, we’re glad to tell you that we did a full revision of the names of the official lists. The old names weren’t consistent, some missed vital information, lists from the same source were far apart on the progress page and more. After some thorough discussion (special thanks to Fergenaprido and xianjiro who worked very hard on this after joining the team) we changed the names to be consistent with the source and the list name. Want a spreadsheet with all the old names, new names and urls? It’s here.

We’re excited about these new lists. Hope you enjoy them as well!

Happy checking and please stay safe!

The iCheckMovies team

31 March, 2020