Donatello Me You Ain't Thrilled

First things first, please welcome the new moderators: eiriknielsen, flavo5000, Gershwin, idjutt, OscarB. We had 20 applicants go through a two-step process, and these 5 were selected to help manage the site. We hope that they serve the community well over the next few years. Thank you also to the other 15 users who applied; we're grateful to have so many volunteers willing to step up and help keep this site going.

As the dog days of summer approach those in the northern regions, and the biting chill of mid-winter hits those in the southern regions, we have new official lists to keep you going through all the weird weather as you stay at home!

First up, Italia! When the Italian National Football Team somehow found out that iCM was going to adopt the David di Donatello - Best Italian Film list, they got so excited they went and won the Euro 2020 Tournament. The Davids are the top film prize in Italy, first awarded in 1970. As one of the few big film countries without an awards list, we felt it was time to adopt this one. Check out what this list has to offer, from the classic Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto to last year's Volevo nascondermi. Adopted from miramarco.

There's nothing quite like a good thriller that gets your heart racing and let's you know you're alive! From the films that made Hitchcock a household name to the gritty crime thrillers of recent years, we hope you'll find plenty of flims on Time Out’s The 100 Best Thrillers to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat for hours on end. Adopted from Panunzio.

Along with these two new lists, we have a few replacements this month.

The Público's Top Portuguese Films to Show in Schools was the best Portuguese list available for years, but the limited scope of the list left us eternally restless. Then, last year, a new poll was run with more participants, resulting in a more robust and broader list that covers all aspects of Portuguese cinema, not just those films acceptable in schools. So, while we will lose a few good films from the current list, we believe that filmSPOT's Best Portuguese Films list is a better tradeoff that will highlight Portuguese cinema even further, especially the numerous critically-acclaimed films that emerged at global festivals in the last decade. Adopted from mjf314.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and if we had known about this final list sooner, we would have held off on one swap we did last round. AMP's 100+1 Essential South Korean Movies was an improvement on the previous Korean list, but a new list created after we had already decided to make the switch showed up: Korean Screen's 100 Greatest Korean Films. While the AMP list is unranked and from a small editorial team from a website dedicated to Asian films, the Korean Screen list is ranked from a poll of 158 critics from around the world. Thus, we believe that this newest list is the best of them all... so far. Just please don't ask the Korean Film Archive to publish a new list next month and make us eat our words. Adopted from mjf314.

And that's a wrap from us. Let us know what you think about these new additions in the comments, or let us know on Twitter! New mod Eirik is managing the long-dormant social media account there, so feel free to engage with him there, or give him suggestions on what you'd like to see posted on the iCheckMovies account here.


The iCheckMovies team

31 July, 2021