Four new official lists

It’s been over 10 years that this site has been running and we are thankful for the wonderful community and all our users for your continued support.

It has been some months since our last adoptions and it’s time for some more, with more to come in the coming year.

Our first adoption is Indiewire’s The 100 All-Time Greatest Films Directed by Women (adopted from Timec)
A list of films directed by women has been something we’ve been looking to add for some time, and the results of the poll last year confirmed the demand with two such lists coming in second and 13th. While discussing those two lists and their merits for adoption earlier in the year, Indiewire came out with this list in February which we felt was the right choice for adoption with its diverse mix of popular and arthouse movies, new and old alike. We encourage you to check them out and hope it adds to the diversity of voices in official lists.

Our second adoption is Cinechile’s 50 Best Chilean Movies of All Time (2016) (adopted from joachimt)
This list was the highest ranking country list in the poll, and with a solid list based on a poll of 77 Chilean film experts it fits right in with the other official country lists. A number of these films are well regarded worldwide, and like all country lists we expect that there are surely some equally good lesser known hidden gems waiting to find an audience outside their home country.

The next adoption is the European film award for best film (adopted from pitn)
This award is a relatively recent creation, awarded by the European Film Academy every year since 1988. The academy was founded by Ingmar Bergman and its current president is Wim Wenders so, while its awards have sometimes been overlooked in favour of national awards, a look at the lists shows an impressive slate of films that matches the prestige of those involved with the academy. The list’s strength as a highlight of some of the best European films of the last three decades, and those to come, as well as the strong demand for it ranking sixth in last year’s user poll made it an easy choice for adoption.

Our final adoption is 101 Gangster Movies You Must See Before You Die (adopted from Kasparius)
This list, from a book by critic Steven Jay Schnieder (of 1001 Films to See Before You Die fame), rounds out this set of adoptions. It too placed highly in our user poll, and while this genre overlaps with a number of others that have lists on the site, its persistent popularity persuaded us that it merits official status.

We hope you find these additions useful and that they inspire you to check more high quality movies :)

Happy checking!


The iCheckMovies team

3 November, 2019