Yesterday, iCheckMovies celebrated its fifth anniversary! Hoorah! Thank you all for being part of these exciting times.

We didn’t have pie, instead we continued working on iCheckMovies-the-next-generation. Part of that work is hidden from view, but we are also open sourcing some components of the new website:

  • MoviePosterDb: A library to access the API for the MoviePosterDb website. This website contains a very large collection of movie posters.
  • icheckmovies-icon-font: An open source icon font, designed for the iCheckMovies website. It features dozens of unique icons in three styles.
  • icheckmovies-web-stack: A sample application that shows the technology stack that we'll be using in the new and improved iCheckMovies website.
  • backdrop-creator: This project aims to convert a given images to a suitable backdrop image for use in responsive websites.

Enough said, we're back to work!

13 May, 2014