More feeds, less bugs

We just did a short update to fix some things and add some more feeds. Besides our news feed you can now subscribe to:

We had a lot of feedback regarding last week's A Taste of Spain list addition. We've decided to remove this list from the general list database, so it no longer is included in your ranking and checks.

However, the list is still available as a personal list, a beta feature for now. Check out sortile9io's A Taste of Spain to see the new feature in action.

The ability to add lists your own list will be available later.

From this point on we will focus our development efforts on iCheckMovies 2.0, which will feature a lot of much-requested functionality. Bugs will still be fixed, but new features will all be incorporated into the new site. Feel free to contact us to report bugs and suggest new features. You can also use the comment section below.

The full changelog can be seen on our changelog page.

Happy checking!

8 February, 2010