Nominations for new official lists

When we adopted our last batch of lists in January we mentioned that we were planning to do a poll for list suggestions so that we can get a sense of what you, our wonderful and dedicated users, are interested in seeing going forward. Well, that time has arrived. If you’re interested in offering your opinion please continue reading to see how you can participate.

We’ve run a couple of polls in the past where we took all the suggestions we were given and stuffed them into one big ballot which we asked people to complete and submit. This gave us some useful feedback and direction, but two common complaints were that there were so many lists it was cumbersome to rate them all and that not everyone was aware of the process. Hopefully our new process will solve the former problem, and if you’re reading this post then the latter is solved too.

The plan is to break things down into three steps. First we’ll solicit nominations, then we’ll have some polls to winnow down those nominations to a reasonable number and lastly we’ll have a ballot where you get to rate the finalist lists, like them all, hate them all, or anything in between. This poll will give us some sense of where the userbase is at when we make future adoption decisions. We’re aware not everyone participates in these polls and that our most ardent users, who we appreciate very much, are not our only users so just as with past polls the top lists will not necessarily be “the lists” to be adopted, but results in the poll will still carry meaningful weight in our future discussions.

Phase 1 is the nominations phase. Visit this thread: Poll: Lists that should be official: nominations due April 29 to see what lists people are nominating or submit your own nominations (up to 3 per person) by April 29th

The voting phases will come after the nominations, and we’ll make another blog post announcing those phases if you prefer to wait until then to participate.

Happy checking and list making!

6 April, 2018