The Help

In our quest to improve the whole iCheckMovies experience we're not only implementing a new design. We've also been working on a better way to ask for help, contact us or voice your opinion. As of today, next to our unofficial forum which is run by a number of our users since 2011, we also have an official forum!

The official forum is run by our moderators and can be used to ask (or answer) all sorts of iCheckMovies related questions.

  • Don't know how to use some aspect of iCheckMovies? There's a category for that.
  • Want to join in on selecting the next batch of official lists? Or is there an error in an official list (which is highly unlikely, because our moderators are awesome)? There's also a category for that.
  • Found a bug? Report it in the bugs category.
  • Have a great idea on how to improve the site? Post it in the features category.
  • Maybe you have something else iCheckMovies related in your mind that doesn't fit the other categories, create a topic in the general category.
Mind that there is no need to create a separate account on the forum, you're automatically logged in if you're logged in on iCheckMovies.

You can always send us a message via our contact form if that's more to your liking, but you're probably going to get a quicker response on the forum.

Happy checking!


The iCheckMovies team

28 June, 2016