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Love these new lists.
10 years 9 months ago
Local Hero -- aka MestnyiGeroi's avatar

Local Hero -- aka MestnyiGeroi

Finally, with this new list and with the SilentEra expansion to 300, a good representation of the silent era on iCM! Thanks, Guys!!! Great additions!
10 years 9 months ago
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@Ebbywebby - I added the Spike Lee list, and I did it because I thought it was interesting insight into what he, as one of the most interesting and talented directors around, finds "essential" in film. It never even occurred to me to see how many of the films in his list were already checkable on the site. Almost -all- the lists on this site have a lot of overlap. I think that's the nature of the beast. Thanks for making my contribution official :) Made me a happy girl.
10 years 9 months ago
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Excellent batch of lists - great job, Guys!

I hope the next batch will include at least one long noir list and at least one experimental film list.
10 years 9 months ago
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I can't find Spike Lee or the Total Films 50 in any of the categories.
10 years 9 months ago
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Love the silent love and "Sight & Sound" is long overdue. Speaking of overdue: Oscar documentary and short film winners (especially animated shorts) please?
10 years 9 months ago
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I love the new "Total Film's 50 Amazing Films You've Probably Never Seen" and "iCM Forum's 500<400" lists! iCM has exposed me to so many new films I would otherwise never have seen. That's one of my favorite aspects of the site, and these lists are MADE for that purpose! How cool is that? (Also, it lets me feel proud that I've got some checks on the 500<400 list)
10 years 9 months ago
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You can please all the users some of the time, and some of the users all the time, but you can't please all the users all the time
- Abraham Lincoln
10 years 9 months ago
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@Ebby, lists aren't just about adding new checks, but trying to promote films that are considered the 'best' or whatever criteria. If a film is one list, then it's considered an official check but it doesn't mean people are going to see it. If 3 new lists get added and it's on all of those, suddenly it's in 4 lists and is more likely to get exposure.

Aside from that, certain lists will get ignored by certain people and they may miss some of these films. But if a list is added that they are interested in then it brings attention to films they might otherwise have ignored.

Official checks are cool and all, but I'd rather have interesting/quality lists with no new official checks, than a worthless list full of them.
10 years 9 months ago
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Big A2

Sight & Sound, finally!
10 years 9 months ago
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I find it puzzling when new lists are adopted that promote so few films to the "official check" status. That Sight and Sound list has 817 films, yet only *13* of them are not official checks already. And the Spike Lee list has only *six* films that are new official checks. Why bother?

I really enjoy looking up obscure short films that I find on other users' personal lists...I often wish a few of those lists were official.
10 years 9 months ago
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Great lists.. Thanks Guys..!! :)
10 years 9 months ago
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Yay, great set of new lists! Especially the forum list *shifty eyes*
10 years 9 months ago
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