Top lists and compare seen movies

Although we received a lot of positive feedback on the new top lists, some of you felt we really missed out on some countries. This release rectifies some of those concerns, in particular the lack of a list for la bella italia. Besides the Italian list, you guys can now immerse yourself in more foreign languages with the addition of African, Norwegian and Latin-American movies lists. The fifth list is one for the Grindhouse lovers (with input from Quentin Tarantino). These are the lists that have been added:

Finally, we added new functionality that allows you to compare yourself to another user and see what movies you have seen and the other user has not (hey, everyone likes to brag a bit, don't they?). This also works the other way around (too help you get even with that pesky movie-buff friend of yours). This functionality can be accessed through the user context-menu, which can be found on pages such as your neighbors and friends pages.


p.s. that spelling error in the Italian list's title is also in the original, don't blame the messenger! ;)

29 March, 2010