Vote on potential future adoptions! User Survey Due Dec 28

A month and a half ago we asked you for nominations for official lists and are very grateful to have received over 125 suggestions from a wide set of users. In order to keep the ballot manageable the moderators reduced this number to 70 lists. These were chosen based on a combination of what we felt could be acceptable official lists, what we thought users would be interested in and some that we may not think will be successful but want to have feedback on just to be sure. While some nominations were excluded because we did not feel the source or list was appropriate, most were acceptable lists that simply did not make the cut because of stiff competition and a desire to make the voting process accessible.

The next step in the process is for users to vote.
Go to this thread to vote
We've tried to streamline the voting process compared to past polls. In addition to curating the ballot a bit, we've made a web form so that you don't have to download a spreadsheet and email it.

All the lists have links to the list on ICM, so if you can, take the time to look at the list and the source if in doubt about the list.

While we do occasionally make adoptions that replace official lists, you should vote on these lists with the idea that they would be adopted in addition to anything already official. At the moment we are seeing all of these lists as potential additions, not replacements. Should that change, if we decide to consider one of the lists from this poll as a replacement instead, we will make a poll to get feedback on that decision.

How to vote:
1. Open the Lists that should be official form.
2. Rate each list from 1 to 5, and click submit.
3. Post in this thread to say that you voted.
Make sure you perform that last step, and enter your username in the form, so that your vote is counted.

Submission deadline is Dec 28, so you have time. If you have any questions about the process feel free to post in that thread or contact a moderator.

Thank you for your participation and continued interest in the site.

4 December, 2021