Who runs the Box Office? Latin Women!

In our last blogpost we wrote: “It has been some months since our last adoptions and it’s time for some more, with more to come in the coming year.” Just a few months later we’re trying to fulfil that promise. We’re currently working on setting up the next batch of adoptions, but before it’s time for that we’d like to inform you about some other changes in lists.

Some might have noticed the website of Box Office Mojo had some major updates a while ago. The site is the source for our two box office lists, All Time Box Office and All-Time Worldwide Box office. The first used to be a top 200 and the second used to be a list of all movies making more than 200M dollars. After some changes back and forth at the BOM-site, they ended up presenting a top 1000 for both lists. Therefore we updated our official lists accordingly.

Cinema Tropical is the leading presenter of Latin American cinema in the United States. Their list of best Latin American films of the 2000’s is an official list on iCM. Recently they released a list of the 2010’s as well. Since it’s a good expansion of the previous one, we decided to make this list official as well. (adopted from John Milton)

In November we added Indiewire's The 100 All-Time Greatest Films Directed by Women. We had been searching for a list focused on female directors. A short time after that adoption, the BBC released a list of female directed movies, which is in our opinion a far better list to represent the subject. That’s why we decided to replace the Indiewire list with this one.

Apart from those major updates, there have also been several other interesting updates recently:

Lastly, we’re planning to add TSPDT 1001-2000 as an official list. You can vote on whether it should be added to the existing list or a separate list. Vote here.

You all have a nice time watching and checking! You’ll hear from us again soon.

1 March, 2020