So how exactly does this site work?

It's pretty simple. Just follow these three basic steps to iCheckMovies stardom:

1. Create your profile

Create a profile by signing up.

It's basic, simple and we won't ask you for nasty details.

2. Watch lots of movies

Sit on the couch and see as many movies as you can. Don't know which ones? Go check out our movie lists.

Perhaps you can try some edge-of-your-seat thrillers, crazy action movies, classy films noir and much more.

If you can't pick a genre, you can always pick a decade. Like The Golden Age of Cinema, The Talky Years or the start of The New Millennium.

3. Brag about it

Once you've seen a movie, you can check it off your list (basically, that's the whole point of this website).

You can then proceed to show everybody your fantastic achievement by linking to your profile.

Before you do that though, be sure to compare yourself to other users.

That's it!

We wish you lots of fun watching and checking off all those movies.

If you ever need help or feel the need to send us suggestions, love letters or teddy bears, please check the FAQ or contact us.