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  1. H.P. Lovecraft Film Adaptations's icon

    H.P. Lovecraft Film Adaptations

    Favs/dislikes: 23:0. A list of films that are direct adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft stories. Films that were loosely inspired by Lovecraft and films that just contain Lovecraftian themes are not included. Short films (30 minutes or less) are not included. The list was compiled from several sources, and some independent searching. If you know of more to be added, please inform me and I will update the list!
  2. David Cronenberg, ranked's icon

    David Cronenberg, ranked

    Favs/dislikes: 1:0.
  3. Wes Craven Filmography's icon

    Wes Craven Filmography

    Favs/dislikes: 4:0. Wes Craven's filmography
  4. List of Monster Films's icon

    List of Monster Films

    Favs/dislikes: 23:0. A list of films which include monsters as the main plot, these films include such creatures as extraterrestrial aliens, giant animals, Kaiju (the Japanese counterpart of giant animals, but they can also be machines and plants), mutants, supernatural creatures, or creatures from folklore, such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. These movies usually fall into the science fiction, fantasy and/or horror genres. May not include all films which feature monsters as some are lost or just to obscure to be known. Listed in alphabetical order.
  5. Videohound's Horror Show: 999 Hair-Raising, Hellish, and Humorous Movies's icon

    Videohound's Horror Show: 999 Hair-Raising, Hellish, and Humorous Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 36:0.
  6. Terror moderno e inédito's icon

    Terror moderno e inédito

    Favs/dislikes: 5:0. 30 terror movies of the decade of the 00's by Spanish magazine "Dirigido"
  7. Jean Rollin Filmography's icon

    Jean Rollin Filmography

    Favs/dislikes: 8:0. The filmography of French film-maker Jean Rollin. Includes only complete films released under his own name
  8. Den of Geek: The 25 Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen's icon

    Den of Geek: The 25 Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen

    Favs/dislikes: 15:0.
  9. SFX - The Top 100 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movies of All Time's icon

    SFX - The Top 100 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movies of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. Published May 2012
  10. Die Laughing: 50+ of the Most Hilarious Horror Movies's icon

    Die Laughing: 50+ of the Most Hilarious Horror Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 22:1. The funniest horror movies according to the site AfterElton. They were divided up into the following categories: horror spoofs, comedies with horror themes, horror-comedies, slapsticks, horror movies with sick senses of humour and horror movies that are unintentionally hilarious.
  11. OH THE HORROR! - Must see horror movies's icon

    OH THE HORROR! - Must see horror movies

    Favs/dislikes: 10:2. I watch a lot of horror movies. These are personal favorites and the list will keep growing.
  12. Zombie's icon


    Favs/dislikes: 1:1.
  13. Filmmagasinets kultsider's icon

    Filmmagasinets kultsider

    Favs/dislikes: 17:0. The norwegian magazine called Filmmagasinet has every month a section with four cult movies. This is the movies from the sections.
  14. A Guide to Horror's icon

    A Guide to Horror

    Favs/dislikes: 2:0. A personal list of horror films throughout history
  15. Time Out London: 100 Best Horror Films's icon

    Time Out London: 100 Best Horror Films

    Favs/dislikes: 24:0. The best horror films, as voted for by over 100 experts including Simon Pegg and Roger Corman.
  16. Horrible Horror Movies's icon

    Horrible Horror Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 0:7. Movies to make fun of.
  17. gorehounds 15 Must See Horror Films (2000's)'s icon

    gorehounds 15 Must See Horror Films (2000's)

    Favs/dislikes: 5:1. A personal list of must see horror flicks in no particular order. Mostly newer horror I'm not getting into the classics.
  18. Top 70 Vampire Movie List of All Time's icon

    Top 70 Vampire Movie List of All Time

    Favs/dislikes: 16:1. This list may not be definitive but hopefully it will introduce everyone to some of the great vampire movies out there. Do leave a comment if you’ve enjoyed or really hated any of the films on the list. In no specific order
  19. Horror Cinema - TASCHEN's icon

    Horror Cinema - TASCHEN

    Favs/dislikes: 29:0. Contains all films that have at least one still included in TASCHEN's recently re-released "Horror Cinema". ISBN: 978-3-8365-3457-4
  20. J-Horror: An Alternative Guide's icon

    J-Horror: An Alternative Guide

    Favs/dislikes: 3:0. There's a lot more to Japanese horror than the vengeful, lank-haired spook-girls of Ring, Ju-on and their legion of imitators. Sure, the West may have only recently woken up to its charms, but J-horror has been around for a mighty long time. The first Japanese novel, The Tale of Genji – now nearly a millennium old – is positively packed with ghosts and gruesome revenge. Noh and Kabuki are some of the most haunted theatrical traditions on Earth, and Edo period playwrights were constantly fighting to outdo one another in the gore, murder and supernatural vengeance stakes. Pretty much as soon as the first motion picture camera came off the boat here, someone picked it up and started making horror movies. Jizo the Spook [Bake Jizo] and Resurrection of a Corpse [Shinin no Sosei], both filmed in 1898, predate Nosferatu (1922) by decades. Since then, Japanese horror has come to us in a number of guises: sometimes grotesque, sometimes scary, sometimes erotic, funny or even beautiful. Let's take a look at a few examples...
  21. 50 Bad Taste Movies's icon

    50 Bad Taste Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 6:3. The movie world is littered with any number of controversial films. But the real jaw-dropping moments come from the most disgusting, morally vacuous and downright bad taste movies around - here's our Top 50.
  22. Top Ten Experiments In Horror's icon

    Top Ten Experiments In Horror

    Favs/dislikes: 10:0. Cinema is commonly thought of as a medium that brings our dreams into waking consciousness. And our nightmares. It cannot be argued that film has gravitated toward capturing the horrific ever since its inception. The Horror genre purposefully experiments with our fears and fear comes in many forms, as we all know. Most film makers tend to take somewhat formulaic approaches to style and narrative; however, through different manipulations of sight and sound, some attempt to involve the viewer into the presentation, beyond just observing it. These strange and frightening dreamscapes often attempt to question our perceptions - in both a visual and intellectual sense. Unfortunately, they are rarely met with much commercial acceptance or success. Nevertheless, many of the elements employed are often highly innovative and later copied by the mainstream. Look no further than 1929's impenetrable yet fascinating Un Chien Andalou for sixteen of the most peculiar minutes ever compiled, if you have any doubts. That opening eyeball scene alone is worth the watch, I assure you. Audiences of that time had seen nothing like it, but viewers today can easily spot the film's integrity. In accordance, here I'd like to focus on some of the most unconventional, surreal, abstract, ambiguous or indulgent works to ever be made. Where nothing is as it seems. Or is it? It is within these vague perimeters that I offer ten of the most compelling experimental horror films ever made. (Not complete yet. Some entries seem to be missing from IMDB). Missing from IMDb: In Stillness I Lie (Pepper Negron, 2009)
  23. "Horror Lovers" Favorite Horror Movies by Decade's icon

    "Horror Lovers" Favorite Horror Movies by Decade

    Favs/dislikes: 15:0. This is a list made by members of Icheckmovies group "Horror Lovers". The idea of this list came from a discussion started by "HL's member "CAD". If you want to add your own favorite horror movies by decade to this list, just write a comment in the discussion board on the group page (Press "source" on the bottom of this page)
  24. Greatest Sci-Fi Films's icon

    Greatest Sci-Fi Films

    Favs/dislikes: 3:3. all of the best sci-fi!
  25. Clive Barker Directorial Filmography's icon

    Clive Barker Directorial Filmography

    Favs/dislikes: 3:0. All films directed by the famous horror writer Clive Barker.
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