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  1. Bad Movies We Love's icon

    Bad Movies We Love

    Favs/dislikes: 33:3. Compiled by Edward Margulies and Stephen Rebello, the caustically clever authors of Movieline magazine’s popular feature “Bad Movies We Love”, this outrageous 1993 book leaves no stone (including Sharon) unturned as it skewers some of Hollywood’s biggest big-budget film fiascos ever and the stars and filmmakers who made it all happen.
  2. 100 Norwegian Films You Must See's icon

    100 Norwegian Films You Must See

    Favs/dislikes: 60:2. This is a list of the one hundred and one films listed in the book "100 norske filmer du må se" (100 Norwegian films you must see), edited by Gunn E. Schmidt, published in 2008. The list is first and foremost a presentation of lots of evidence that Norwegian film is better than it's reputation.
  3. 100 Animated feature films's icon

    100 Animated feature films

    Favs/dislikes: 1:1. All movies listed in the book '100 Animated feature films', 2010. Editor Andrew Osmond.
  4. 101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men's icon

    101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men

    Favs/dislikes: 26:1. n this 2005 book, author Alonso Duralde (arts and entertainment editor of The Advocate, the national gay and lesbian newsmagazine) presents a list of films every gay man should watch before considering his cultural education complete! From “The Apple” to “Xanadu”, “Auntie Mame” to “Zero Patience”, this list covers all the bases: Hollywood spectaculars, indie hits, cult faves, critical darlings and clamp classics.
  5. 99 Classic Movies for People in a Hurry's icon

    99 Classic Movies for People in a Hurry

    Favs/dislikes: 14:1. "[The Book] compresses 99 of the worlds most famous movies - in just four squares! In a remarkable way, riotously entertaining texts and spot on illustrations let's you, so to speak, get the picture, summarizing all the must-see classics."
  6. Claude Beylie's Les Films-Clés du Cinéma's icon

    Claude Beylie's Les Films-Clés du Cinéma

    Favs/dislikes: 19:1. Originnally published in 1984, French critic Claude Beylie reviews 200 masterpieces of cinema. The book was re-released in 2002 with more 30 films reviewed. Can anyone help to get these titles? Update: It was added the films listed in the addendum
  7. Danny Peary's Cult Movies's icon

    Danny Peary's Cult Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 46:1. "'Cult Movies' is a 1981 book by Danny Peary, consisting of a series of essays regarding what Peary described as the 100 most representative examples of the cult film phenomenon. Two sequels were published, Cult Movies 2 (1983) and Cult Movies 3 (1988), with each book reviewing fifty additional cult films."
  8. Flickers - An Illustrated Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema's icon

    Flickers - An Illustrated Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema

    Favs/dislikes: 10:1. All movies featured in Gilbert Adair's book Flickers. The order is Adair's. "In Flickers, Gilbert Adair selects a single image - a movie still - from each of cinema's 100 years and, with great wit and perspicacity, accompanies it with a short essay on both the still itself and what that image represtents in terms of cinema history."
  9. Gail Kinn & Jim Piazza's The Greatest Movies Ever's icon

    Gail Kinn & Jim Piazza's The Greatest Movies Ever

    Favs/dislikes: 6:1. from the book: The Greatest Movies Ever. The Ultimate Ranked List of the 101 Best Films of All Time!
  10. Histoire(s) De Films Francais: 91 French Films's icon

    Histoire(s) De Films Francais: 91 French Films

    Favs/dislikes: 33:1. This list is from Jean-Luc Douin's book [url=]Histoire(s) De Films Francais[/url] (2005) about the history of French cinema.
  11. J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum's Midnight Movies's icon

    J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum's Midnight Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 61:1. "These are a few of the over 100 films discussed in Midnight Movies, a comprehensive and in-depth look at the subculture movies of the past three decades. Here is the complete history of cult films, their makers, and their audience; an examination of how films become "midnight movies," and what keeps audiences coming back to see them over and over; an exploration of the connections between subversive film and the subcultures from which it emerges." Missing films: ?? - Comedome-1 John Waters - Dorothy, The Kansas City Pothead (unfinished)
  12. Rotten Movies We Love: The Book's icon

    Rotten Movies We Love: The Book

    Favs/dislikes: 3:1. Ever been crushed to learn your favorite movie -- or a new one you're dying to see -- has been given the big green splat from Rotten Tomatoes' infamous Tomatometer? The site's editors stand by their critics and scores, but they also feel your pain: Fresh films shouldn't get all the glory! In Rotten Movies We Love, the RT team celebrates 101 Rotten movies that can't be missed, including: 01-19 - Box office slayers and household names 20-27 - So bad they're good 28-36 - Not their best work (or so they said) 37-50 - Cult leaders 51-66 - Ahead of their time 67-78 - Sequels worth a second look 79-101 - Basic Instincts Featuring 16 essays from some of the world's most well-known film critics -- Leonard Maltin, Terri White, Amy Nicholson, David Fear, K. Austin Collins, and more -- and punctuated with black-and-white film stills and punchy graphics, it's a fun romp through the quirkier corners of film history, sure to delight any cinephile or pop-culture fanatic.
  13. Skip Dine Young's Psychology at the Movies's icon

    Skip Dine Young's Psychology at the Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 6:1. Psychology at the Movies explores the insights to be gained by applying various psychological lenses to popular films including cinematic depictions of human behavior, the psychology of filmmakers, and the impact of viewing movies.
  14. The International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers's icon

    The International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers

    Favs/dislikes: 12:1. "The International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers" is comprehensive 4-vol. resource provides thorough coverage of films and filmmakers. Entrants include legendary films, actors and actresses, directors, writers and other production artists. This list is from the vol. 1 edited by Tom & Sara Pendergast.
  15. The New York Times Essential Library: Children’s Movies's icon

    The New York Times Essential Library: Children’s Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 19:1. The New York Times Essential Library selected their 100 best children's movies in this 2003 publication, authored by Peter Nichols.
  16. The Village Voice Film Guide - 50 Years of Movies From Classics to Cult Hits's icon

    The Village Voice Film Guide - 50 Years of Movies From Classics to Cult Hits

    Favs/dislikes: 35:1. "The Village Voice Film Guide compiles spirited landmark reviews of the Voice’s selection of the 150 greatest films ever made"
  17. The World History of Animation: Key Films's icon

    The World History of Animation: Key Films

    Favs/dislikes: 18:1. This list is from Stephen Cavalier's book [url=]The World History of Animation[/url] (2011). The book starts with an introduction and brief histories of world animation, with a list of key films for each continent. The rest of the book is a chronological time line of films, with information about each film as well as biographies and explanations of animation techniques. This is a list of the key films at the beginning of the book. See also: [url=]IMDb list[/url] (with a list of films missing from IMDb) [url=]Time Line[/url] (iCM list) 1-27: North American 28-49: Western European 50-66: Russian and Eastern European 67-90: Asian 91-115: Nordic 116-133: Australian and New Zealand 134-158: Latin American 159-168: African
  18. 100 Anime (BFI Screen Guides)'s icon

    100 Anime (BFI Screen Guides)

    Favs/dislikes: 28:0. This list is from Philip Brophy's book [url=]100 Anime[/url] (2005). "100 Anime is an exploration of the wonderfully complex and beautifully disorienting world of Japanese animation - anime. This expansive and mind-blowing book delves deep into the chaos of meaning gorged by anime's mutation of Eastern/Western themes, images and sounds." This is not a list of the "100 Greatest Anime." Some of the titles were selected in order to analyze Japanese pop culture and to show how vast the world of anime is. The list is in alphabetical order. Missing from IMDb: SD Gundam (1988)
  19. 501 Must See Movies 2004 Book Version's icon

    501 Must See Movies 2004 Book Version

    Favs/dislikes: 15:0. This is the 2004 Book list Version since the one on the site keeps updating. This is the Book I own and have compiled the list from the movies in it.
  20. Action Movie Freak's icon

    Action Movie Freak

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. This list is from Katrina Hill's book [url=]Action Movie Freak[/url] (2012). "Action Movie Freak is a guide celebrating years of films high in adrenaline and fun."
  21. Based on a True Story: Fact and Fantasy in 100 Favorite Movies's icon

    Based on a True Story: Fact and Fantasy in 100 Favorite Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 17:0. "Exposing the real stories behind 100 hit reality-based movies, this captivating resource offers interesting facts about some of the most well-respected and much-loved films. For both film buffs and casual moviegoers, this invaluable guide explores Hollywood's ardent and often uncomfortable relationship with the factual accounts it converts into fantasy. This work reveals how Hollywood alters history for movie fans, leaving filmgoers often unable to tell the difference between fact and fiction." By Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen, published in 2005.
  22. BFI Film Classics's icon

    BFI Film Classics

    Favs/dislikes: 12:0. The BFI Film Classics series is a collection of short books analysing major works of world cinema. Volumes in this series have been assembled by some of the world's leading film critics. The first volumes in the series were published in 1992 and new entries continue to be added every year.
  23. Charles Bramesco's Colors of Film: The Story of Cinema in 50 Palettes's icon

    Charles Bramesco's Colors of Film: The Story of Cinema in 50 Palettes

    Favs/dislikes: 5:0. Taking you from the earliest feature films to today, Colours of Film introduces 50 iconic movies and explains the pivotal role that colour played in their success. The use of colour is an essential part of film. It has the power to evoke powerful emotions, provide subtle psychological symbolism and act as a narrative device. In Colours of Film, film critic Charles Bramesco introduces an element of cinema that is often overlooked, yet has been used in extraordinary ways. Using infographic colour palettes, and stills from the movies, this is a lively and fresh approach to film for cinema-goers and colour lovers alike. He also explores in fascinating detail how the development of technologies have shaped the course of modern cinema, from how the feud between Kodak and Fujifilm shaped the colour palettes of the 20th Century's greatest filmakers, to how the advent of computer technology is creating a digital wonderland for modern directors in which anything is possible. ​Filled with sparkling insights and fascinating accounts from the history of cinema, Colours of Film is an indispensable guide to one of the most important visual elements in the medium of film. I. Over the Rainbow: Post-facto Colorization (1-11) II. Unbound Imaginations: Kodak & Fujifilm (12-24) III. Making a Statement: Color Theory (25-41)* IV. Digital Wonderlands: The Color TV (42-52) *Three Colors Trilogy is considered one entry, thus 52 movies.
  24. Cinema and the Spanish Civil War's icon

    Cinema and the Spanish Civil War

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. A selection of 70* representative titles for the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) by film historian Magí Crusells. Only films, fictional or documentary, released in theatres that take place, at least partially, in the war period. From the book "Cine y Guerra Civil española: imágenes para la memoria", Magí Crusells. Ediciones JC, Madrid, 2006. ISBN 84-89564-48-5. * IMDb missing entries: - Celestino García Moreno (1939) - Nos prisonniers (1937) - Frente de Vizcaya y 18 de Julio (1937) - Fin del Frente Rojo Cantábrico (La toma de Gijón) (1937) - Entre la esperanza y el fraude: España 1931-39 (1977)
  25. Complicated Women's icon

    Complicated Women

    Favs/dislikes: 22:0. A list of movies referenced in Mick LaSalle's book on the pre-Code era, Complicated Women: Sex and Power in Pre-Code Hollywood. I've included every film listed in the appendix, save Broadway After Dark and The Snob, which are considered lost.
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