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  1. ICM Forum's Favourite Unofficial Checks - Top 250's icon

    ICM Forum's Favourite Unofficial Checks - Top 250

    Favs/dislikes: 20:0. As chosen by the ICM Forum users on July 31st, 2022.
  2. ICM Forum's Favourite Unofficial Checks - Top 1000's icon

    ICM Forum's Favourite Unofficial Checks - Top 1000

    Favs/dislikes: 19:0. As chosen by the ICM Forum users on July 31st, 2022.
  3. ICM Forum Country Polls Master List's icon

    ICM Forum Country Polls Master List

    Favs/dislikes: 16:0. 1-20 - [url=]Argentina[/url] (May 2023) 21-40 - [url=]Australia[/url] (March 2022) 41-60 - [url=]Brazil[/url] (July 2022) 61-80 - [url=]Canada[/url] (November 2022) 81-100 - [url=]Chile[/url] (January 2024) 101-120 - [url=]China[/url] (April 2023) 121-140 - [url=]Czechia + Slovakia[/url] (October 2023) 141-160 - [url=]Egypt[/url] (September 2023) 161-180 - [url=]France[/url] (February 2022) 181-200 - [url=]Germany[/url] (May 2022) 201-220 - [url=]Greece + Cyprus[/url] (July 2023) 221-240 - [url=]India[/url] (November 2023) 241-260 - [url=]Iran[/url] (February 2024) 261-280 - [url=]Ireland[/url] (April 2022) 281-300 - [url=]Italy[/url] (December 2023) 301-320 - [url=]Japan [/url] (October 2022) 321-340 - [url=]Korea[/url] (June 2023) 341-360 - [url=]Mexico[/url] (February 2023) 361-380 - [url=]Netherlands[/url] (August 2023) 381-400 - [url=]New Zealand[/url] (June 2022) 401-420 - [url=]Norway[/url] (April 2024) 421-440 - [url=]Philippines[/url] (August 2022) 441-460 - [url=]Poland[/url] (March 2023) 461-480 - [url=]Russia[/url] (March 2024) 481-500 - [url=]Senegal[/url] (September 2022) 501-520 - [url=]Spain[/url] (December 2022) 521-540 - [url=]Sweden[/url] (January 2023) 541-560 - [url=]Turkey[/url] (May 2024) 561-580 - [url=]UK[/url] (January 2022) 581-600 - [url=]USA[/url] (November 2021)
  4. Kenji's "Canon": The Big 1000's icon

    Kenji's "Canon": The Big 1000

    Favs/dislikes: 16:0. Kenji's MUBI list "I’ve called this list a canon, cos the original intention was of a wide-ranging canon, including established “classics” but also balancing the domination by Hollywood with a geographical spread. Now i’ve thought better of reinforcing received wisdom and the position of many popular and major films which hardly need promoting and which i’m not so keen on. So it’s become a personal “canon” like Rosenbaum’s 1000. Notable films I intend to see can be found on my “Percy the Porcupine” list. I need to keep extending my viewing in neglected areas of the world- Africa, Latin America, the Balkans and parts of Asia should then be better represented. We didn’t have a TV till i was 12. My first memory of going to the cinema was Fantasia- my introduction to the devil and dinosaurs. Then there was a film called Emil and the Detectives. My small town’s cinema closed when i was 7- TV was too strong a competitor-, my sole memory of films there of “red Indians” on a hill. The bigger films were at the grand metropolis of the county town of 3,000 people 20 miles away, or an even greater city of a few thousand more in the other direction. How i wept when the childcatcher caught them in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the sky outside had changed, with castles hidden in the majestic domes of cumulo-nimbus. At 11, The Great Escape was the greatest adventure, at 12, El Cid. At 13, i joined the school film society. I gazed in awe at the naked female on a motorbike in Vanishing Point- more fun than that boring Wild Strawberries. In my mid teens, the best discoveries were North by Northwest and Fred Astaire. At uni, on a French course, my special subject was French Cinema of the 30s- Renoir and Pagnol.. but i really got obsessively hooked on world cinema once i’d bought a video player in the late 80s (ooh those Wenders road movies!) and John Kobal’s book The Top 100 Movies (see my list on that); Tarkovsky and Mizoguchi were new names to me. Soon i saw Andrei Rublev and the rain and light had changed. Then a few years on (less availability in those days) it was the turn of Sansho the Bailiff." Notes: #361 Teen Kanya (Three Daughters, 1961) only refers to the segment "Postmaster" #471 Le plus vieux métier du monde (1967) only refers to the segment "Anticipation, ou l'amour en l'an 2000" #671 Fanny och Alexander (1982) specifically refers to the television version 1007 entries because.... #6-10 Fantômas (5 episodes) counted as one entry #339-341 Ningen no jôken trilogy counted as one entry #603-605 La batalla de Chile trilogy counted as one entry Kenji's list now has only 999 entries
  5. Queer Films on Official iCM Lists's icon

    Queer Films on Official iCM Lists

    Favs/dislikes: 15:0. All queer films featured in at least one official list on iCM. Sorted by number of lists. See also: [url=]Queer Films on Official iCM Lists - Dropoffs[/url]
  6. Writers' Guild of America 101 Funniest Screenplays's icon

    Writers' Guild of America 101 Funniest Screenplays

    Favs/dislikes: 12:0. Tie #33 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off & Trading Places Tie #54 - Anchorman & Dumb and Dumber Tie #79 - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels & Lost in America
  7. CFB Greatest Movies by Country's icon

    CFB Greatest Movies by Country

    Favs/dislikes: 10:0. A compilation list of the Top 20 films (including ties) from the various Classic Film Board polls. 1-20 Ch. 1 Soviet Union, compiled by cayado-coro 21-40 Ch. 2 Spain, compiled by cayado-coro 41-60 Ch. 3 Japan, compiled by ANGEL_GLEZ 61-80 Ch. 4 Poland, compiled by astariam 81-100 Ch. 5 Czechoslovakia, compiled by astariam 101-120 Ch. 6 Denmark*, compiled by astariam 121-140 Ch. 7 Sweden, compiled by astariam 141-159 Ch. 8 Norway*, compiled by Rollo_Treadway 160-179 Ch. 9 Germany, compiled by ANGEL_GLEZ 180-199 Ch. 10 Argentina, compiled by Hal-900 / counted by bkamberger 200-219 Ch. 11 Hungary, compiled by astariam 220-239 Ch. 12 China, compiled by jdidaco 240-259 Ch. 13 Hong Kong, compiled by jdidaco 260-279 Ch. 14 Taiwan, compiled by jdidaco 280-300 Ch. 15 Sub-Saharan Africa, compiled by ali-112 [Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, South Africa, Botswana, Burkina Faso, & Guinea-Bissau] 301-320 Ch. 16 Mexico, compiled by ANGEL_GLEZ 321-340 Ch. 17 Iran, compiled by jdidaco 341-362 Ch. 18 New Zealand, compiled by jdidaco 363-382 Ch. 19 Australia, compiled by sol- 383-410 Ch. 20 India, compiled by bkamberger 411-430 Ch. 21 South Korea, compiled by ANGEL_GLEZ 431-450 Ch. 22 Brazil, compiled by jdidaco 451-470 Ch. 23 Netherlands, compiled by ANGEL_GLEZ 471-491 Ch. 24 Belgium, compiled by jdidaco 492-511 Ch. 25 Israel/Palestine, compiled by astariam 512-533 Ch. 26 Austria, compiled by ANGEL_GLEZ 534-553 Ch. 27 Switzerland, compiled by ANGEL_GLEZ 554-573 Ch. 28 Cuba/Caribbean, compiled by jdidaco [Martinique, Jamaica, & Haiti] 574-594 Ch. 29 Ireland, compiled by ANGEL_GLEZ 595-614 Ch. 30 Yugoslavia, compiled by jdidaco 615-634 Ch. 31 Albania/Bulgaria/Romania, compiled by jdidaco 635-657 Ch. 32 Canada, compiled by jdidaco 658-682 Ch. 33 Philippines, compiled by ANGEL_GLEZ 683-702 Ch. 34 Portugal, compiled by jdidaco 703-722 Ch. 35 Southeast Asia [Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, & Malaysia] I don't know when these polls were conducted, but the newest films on here are from 2010. *Sult placed 7th in the Danish list and 16th in the Norwegian list, but icm will only allow the film to be added to this list once.
  8. 100 Noteworthy Films of the Romantic Comedy Genre and Beyond's icon

    100 Noteworthy Films of the Romantic Comedy Genre and Beyond

    Favs/dislikes: 9:0. From Billy Mernit's book "Writing the Romantic Comedy".
  9. Feminist-Minded Films's icon

    Feminist-Minded Films

    Favs/dislikes: 9:0. "As a feminist film theorist and avid moviegoer, my main, geeky goal in life is to see as many female-driven films as possible from every decade, country, and genre imaginable. I’m sure this list won’t please everybody, and you may disagree with my choices, but I tried to be as diplomatic as possible and to keep the list diverse. I certainly haven’t seen every single women’s picture though. The films on this list may not all be widely acclaimed or even directly feminist films, but what some of them may lack in aesthetic pleasures or political correctness is made up tenfold by their feminine bravura and radiant characters. From 1910 to the present, these are the absolute best, most emblematic women’s pictures I’ve ever seen."
  10. iCM Forum's Favourite Central European Films - Top 150's icon

    iCM Forum's Favourite Central European Films - Top 150

    Favs/dislikes: 9:0. As chosen by 36 participants on iCM's Unofficial Forum in April 2016. Films from Poland, Hungary, Czechia, and Slovakia.
  11. Cinema Escapist's The Best African Movies, From All 54 African Countries's icon

    Cinema Escapist's The Best African Movies, From All 54 African Countries

    Favs/dislikes: 8:0. An epic list of the top African films—from all 54 of Africa's countries. BY OSCAR HARDING, 10 FEB 19 09:35 UTC What are the best African movies? There are many ways to address that question, but Cinema Escapist will give you the most comprehensive answer—by highlighting the top films from all 54 African countries. While certain African nations (ex. Nigeria with Nollywood) have more prolific film industries than others, we believe there are cinematic gems from all around the continent. Thus, this list of the best African films contains one movie from each African country, including some you might not realize have cinematic output. Even if you aren’t an African cinema expert or hard-core cinephile, there’s something for you here. This list of the top African movies stretches across cinematic classics and modern flicks, and covers film genres including action, war, drama, romance, and more. Unlike other African film lists, our list tries to only include feature-length narrative movies directed by Africans, set in Africa, and produced in Africa. If a movie doesn’t meet that criteria, we’ll call it out. Without further ado, let’s look at the best African movies, from all 54 African countries. We’ll proceed in alphabetic order by country, from Algeria to Zimbabwe! Missing from imdb: - The Grand Marriage (2013, Comoros, dir. Faisal Al Otaibi) - The Last Fishing Boat (2014, Malawi, dir. Charles Shemu Joyah) - Jamila (2011, South Sudan, Daniel Danis)
  12. iCM Forum's Favourite Canadian Films - Top 150's icon

    iCM Forum's Favourite Canadian Films - Top 150

    Favs/dislikes: 8:0. From the iCM Forum's August 2017 Poll, based on the contributions from 39 participants.
  13. iCM Forum's Favourite Central European Films - Top 444's icon

    iCM Forum's Favourite Central European Films - Top 444

    Favs/dislikes: 8:0. As chosen by 36 participants on iCM's Unofficial Forum in April 2016. Films from Poland, Hungary, Czechia, and Slovakia.
  14. Sight & Sound 2022 - Directors' Poll Top 100's icon

    Sight & Sound 2022 - Directors' Poll Top 100

    Favs/dislikes: 8:0. Placeholder list for now since I don't see it added elsewhere on icm yet
  15. Entertainment Weekly's Essential Movies Kids Must Experience (Before They Turn 13)'s icon

    Entertainment Weekly's Essential Movies Kids Must Experience (Before They Turn 13)

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. There are people out there who have never seen The Princess Bride. They walk among us, holding down jobs, contributing to society, and generally living happy, semi-fulfilled lives. But whisper a perfectly-timed “mawage” in their direction during a wedding, and the resulting blank stare or awkward chuckle will expose an inconceivable pop-cultural blind spot. Someone failed them when they were growing up. In many ways it’s too late for them, but we can still save the next generation. The 55 Essential Movies Kids Must Experience (Before They Turn 13) is a starting point. This isn’t a list of the 55 “best” kids movies, nor a compendium of hidden gems. Rather, it’s a survival-guide syllabus of films that we all need to know to be able to speak the same pop-cultural language, listed in order by when they might be best introduced. It starts with a film that is a perfect introduction to the cinematic universe and ends with one that is an ideal capper before graduating into the world of PG-13 and R movies—and the age when kids begin to make their own theater decisions. These are the cinematic building blocks for future film connoisseurs, movie-literate enthusiasts who can gracefully segue from a George Bailey impression into a spirited debate over whether Han Solo shot first. The important stuff.
  16. Jerónimo Rivera's 100 Unmissable Films of Colombian Cinema's icon

    Jerónimo Rivera's 100 Unmissable Films of Colombian Cinema

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. Published September 13, 2019 Como profesor e investigador de cine colombiano he tenido la oportunidad de ver una gran cantidad de películas nacionales, aunque también tengo algunos títulos importantes pendientes. Comparto con ustedes mi propia lista de películas colombianas recomendadas. Sobra decir que se trata de un ejercicio subjetivo de organización, que yo también tengo dudas sobre algunas posiciones de la lista y que, por supuesto, no puedo incluir algunas películas que sé que son relevantes pero que no he tenido la oportunidad de ver aún (entre ellas algunas de los años más recientes). Missing from imdb: #90 Don Ca (2013) dir. Patricia Ayala
  17. Kenji's Four Seasons: Winter's icon

    Kenji's Four Seasons: Winter

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. Kenji's list on MUBI "The weather conditions in Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition in the film South were more than wintry enough, and i’m including the Arctic snow too, irrespective of season. Some films here cover various seasons but with memorable winter sections, e.g Mirror " Notes: #10 Fanny and Alexander is for the television version #21 The Human Condition trilogy is counted as one in film in the original list #64 Looking Out for Hope by Philip Harder isn't on imdb; it would fall between Winter and The Claim #105 on the first episode of Decalogue is included #115 Fargo is specifically for season 1
  18. Kinema Junpo's Top 200 Japanese Films - Readers's icon

    Kinema Junpo's Top 200 Japanese Films - Readers

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. キネマ旬報 読者が選んだ心に残る日本映画 Source is the list on Mubi, but that's not the original source. List can also be found halfway down on this page, in Japanese:[url=]キネマ旬報 読者が選んだ心に残る日本映画[/url] (including accurate placement of each film, with ties) As best as I can tell, this poll is from 2009. It might be [url=]here[/url] Ningen no jôken trilogy is counted as one entry. Differences from the Mubi list: • Some films are in a different order, since I took the order from the other page. • Mubi is missing a few films from the other list, some of which are mentioned at the top as not being on the site, and others omitted altogether. • Mubi includes [url=]Four Dimensions of Greta[/url], a British film that is almost certainly an error. • Mubi includes [url=]限りなき鋪道 (Kagirinaki hodô/Street Without End 1934)[/url] whereas the other source seems to include [url=]限りなき前進 (Kagirinaki zenshin/Unending Advance 1937)[/url]. • Mubi includes [url=]夫婦 (Fûfu/Husband and Wife 1953)[/url] whereas the other source seems to include [url=]夫婦善哉 (Meoto zenzai/Marital Relations 1955)[/url]. • Mubi includes [url=]鏡心 (Kyôshin/Mirrored Mind (2004)[/url], which is not listed in the other source. • Mubi includes [url=]ナビィの恋 (Nabbie no koi/Nabbie's Love 1999)[/url], which is not listed in the other source.
  19. Pixar's Picks: Family Films's icon

    Pixar's Picks: Family Films

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. "You’re stuck inside, saving the world. So we asked a group of award-winning Pixar filmmakers to help self-isolating families plan the very best movie nights (and days, and nights, and days…). We asked a group of the renowned studio’s directors and story artists—the people behind WALL·E, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Bao, La Luna, The Good Dinosaur, Purl, Cars 3, Toy Story 4 and more—to show up in your hour of need, and show up they have, with personal recommendations that we’ve split into three Letterboxd lists: All Ages, 7 to 12 Years and 12 Years and Over. From two-minute shorts to the entire Harry Potter collection, there’s something for every viewing window. From Charlie Chaplin to Greta Gerwig, the films cover a century of cinema; and from slapstick to horror, a multitude of genres. Our filmmakers were remarkably restrained, nominating more Studio Ghibli films than Pixar movies, though they collectively agreed that Toy Story should most definitely be there. So we’ll say it for them: please explore all the films of our contributing filmmakers: Angus MacLane, Domee Shi, Kristen Lester, Daniel Chong, Peter Sohn, Valerie LaPointe, Brian Fee, Enrico Casarosa and Andrew Stanton. Thanks, you wonderful people." This list combines all three individual lists that Letterboxd created with the Pixar directors. Some film series explicitly include all films in the series, even though only the first film is included in the Letterboxd lists (see their notes for more information): Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. Individual lists on iCM [url=]Pixar Directors Recommend: Films for Families (All Ages)[/url] [url=]Pixar Directors Recommend: Films for Families (7 to 12 Years)[/url] [url=]Pixar Directors Recommend: Films for Families (12 Years and Over)[/url]
  20. Red Planet Films - All Nominations's icon

    Red Planet Films - All Nominations

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. In order of imdb ttid.
  21. Time Out's The 50 best gay movies: the best in LGBT film-making's icon

    Time Out's The 50 best gay movies: the best in LGBT film-making

    Favs/dislikes: 7:0. With the help of leading directors, actors, writers and activists, we count down the best LGBTQ+ films of all time By Cath Clarke, Dave Calhoun, Tom Huddleston, Alim Kheraj, Guy Lodge and Ben Walters Posted: Tuesday June 16 2020 The importance of representation cannot be downplayed. By watching films we are introduced to experiences different to our own. It creates empathy and understanding – a connection between yourself and other people, while also helping us understand ourselves. That’s why, in the last few years, it’s been exciting to see an increase in quality LGBT+ cinema that truly represents different facets of the queer experience. Films like ‘Moonlight’, ‘Love, Simon’, the Melissa McCarthy-starring ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ and the thrilling ‘A Fantastic Woman’ have all brought much-needed representation to the big screen, while also telling a diverse range of LGBT+ stories. And while we still have a long way to go before queer cinema is entirely mainstream, it’s worth celebrating how far we’ve come even since 2005’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’. So, with that in mind, we asked some LGBT+ cultural pioneers and Time Out writers to share their most essential LGBT+ films to countdown the 50 best gay movies. First version: By Cath Clarke, Dave Calhoun, Tom Huddleston and Ben Walters Posted: Tuesday November 24 2015 Leading directors, actors, writers and activists – including Todd Haynes, John Waters, Kimberly Peirce and George Takei – share the lesbian, bisexual, trans and gay movies they love the most Which movies are most beloved for the light they shine on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans experiences? Which screen stories involving LGBT characters are the most enduring, whether romances, horrors or comedies? Which are the most groundbreaking, politically or artistically? And which simply demand to be watched again and again? We asked LGBT cultural pioneers – including Xavier Dolan, Christine Vachon, Bruce LaBruce and Roland Emmerich – to share with us their ten best gay movies. Here’s their out-and-proud list of 50 great LGBT movies. Note: The Terence Davies Trilogy (1983) is actually a compilation of three shorter films: [url=]Children (1976)[/url] [url=]Madonna and Child (1980)[/url] [url=]Death and Transfiguration (1983)[/url]
  22. 100 Essential New Zealand Films's icon

    100 Essential New Zealand Films

    Favs/dislikes: 6:0. Book by Hamish McDouall Published October 2009 This is a collection of 100 films - features, documentaries and shorts. As such, it is a subjective list of "essential" titles and since limited to 100, some of your favourites will be missing. Given that, it contains some very helpful summaries and reviews of films you should experience. The author states that he "make(s) no apologies for not including ... '[url=]Footrot Flats[/url]', but does not explain why. If you meet him, will you ask him and let me know. That aside, perhaps this book is covering too much ground and would have been better off limiting its coverage to feature films, even if that included feature documentaries. Given the number of New Zealand short films, that group should have its own book. An excellent index has been included, but more viewing, rental and purchase sources are needed. With the shortage of reviews for many of these titles, the major contribution of Mr. McDouall's book is his commentaries on the films. They will assist in helping you learn about some New Zealand film gems and just might give you that push to see something you have yet to experience. Do yourself a favour and start by giving this a read. Films are listed in alphabetical order. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is counted as a single entry. Missing/Unable to Find on IMDB: Baby Farmer Footage I Want to Be Joan Lovelock The Road Back The Sadness of the Post-Intellectual Art Critic
  23. Collider's 100 Essential Movies Any Serious Film Fan Should See's icon

    Collider's 100 Essential Movies Any Serious Film Fan Should See

    Favs/dislikes: 6:0. If you’re a budding cinephile, it can be difficult to know where to start or even to find a baseline. Cinema becomes more daunting every year as new films are released and old films are reappraised. With this in mind, the staff of has collaborated on 100 movies we think every film fan needs to see. To be clear, this list is not an ending, but a beginning. It’s meant to serve as a starting point. Just because a movie didn’t make this list of 100, that doesn’t mean it’s “inessential.” Rather, we wanted to provide a good foundation that would spark a person’s curiosity about where to go next. Additionally, while many essential movies were done by white, male directors because historically those are the people who have had power, we didn’t want to neglect international cinema, female filmmakers, or filmmakers of color, and we have sought to include their work here. Another group of film fans could come up with their own “Essential 100” and make a strong argument for it. However, we didn’t create this list to spark an argument, but to spark curiosity. If you look at this list as a guide rather than an end-point, then it should set you on a path to building your knowledge and appreciation of cinema. Also, it should be noted that this list is organized alphabetically. We have not ranked these movies against each other because part of the purpose of this list is to get you to start with any film that piques your interest and see where it leads you. Below is an overview of our list, and you can click on each title to read our justification for why it’s essential. But if you want the complete experience, scroll through the complete version of the list at the bottom.
  24. Flavorwire's 50 International Film Noir Classics That Everyone Should See's icon

    Flavorwire's 50 International Film Noir Classics That Everyone Should See

    Favs/dislikes: 6:0. By Alison Nastasi July 22, 2015 We’ve been spending our summer with private eyes, femmes fatales, and shady gangsters while studying the classic film noir canon with TCM (see our [url=]“Into the Darkness” course study group[/url] to join in). This week, MoMA will kick off another noir celebration with their [url=]Mexico at Midnight film series[/url], highlighting the “ciné negro” from our friends down South. We wanted to present other little known noir films from around the world. If you’re seeking international greats beyond classics like The Third Man, read on. Please note that we ventured into neo-noir territory a few times (and assumed you already know movies like the late noirs of Jean-Pierre Melville and company), but only because it’s worth it. The far-reaching influence of noir cinema is astounding and continues to be an international phenomenon. Note: The list appears to be unranked.
  25. ICM Forum Country Polls: France's icon

    ICM Forum Country Polls: France

    Favs/dislikes: 6:0. Poll conducted in February 2022 54 participants 116 titles received 25+ points 440 titles in total
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