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  1. Welcome to the Basement: Seen It's icon

    Welcome to the Basement: Seen It

    Favs/dislikes: 2:0. After reviewing the movie Matt and Craig end the show with Seen It where Matt lists movies fans have recommended but he has already seen, so they won't be featured on the show. Craig may or may not have seen them. "Matt catches up on his movie to-do list and Craig’s along for the ride. They watch ‘em, they crack wise, they review ‘em. In a very nice basement. This is a show about movies, featuring Matt Sloan and Craig Johnson of Chad Vader and Blame Society Productions fame. Matt and Craig watch a diverse plethora of movies from the cinematic past – from the Hollywood mainstream to the weirdest cult movies — and discuss them. Craig never knows what the movies are ahead of time, so it’s always a surprise."
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