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  1. Scratch's Most Important Movies (Social And Political)'s icon

    Scratch's Most Important Movies (Social And Political)

    Favs/dislikes: 3:1. These are the movies which have had the greatest impact on my world view, be it politically, spiritually, religiously, or philosophically. These are subversive, anti-authoritarian (and left-leaning at times, if I'm honest) films which reached me beyond the level of simple or pleasant 'entertainment' with happy endings, and impacted me as a person in a deep, personal and major way, making strong if not unassailable statements which require that you adjust your lens on the world and make difficult personal change in the real world. Many other films indeed come with a strong message, but these really put that forward. Change first, entertainment second. No particular order generally, though I like the ones near the top the most.
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