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I've found that too many people my age (20's) haven't seen or heard of any old classics that are truly great films to watch be it for entertainment or for greatness.

On top of that, lots of classics and big name actors known today aren't as good as they seem and many movies I've watched that were considered "classics" I found boring.

Here is my list of movies I guarantee are fun to watch no matter what age or taste. This list completely disregards the "typical" classic and is based off what I know to be good.

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    Swing Time

    1936, in 13 top lists Check
  2. 2 new

    Meet John Doe

    1941, in 3 top lists Check
  3. 3 new

    The Cat and the Canary

    1927, in 4 top lists Check
  4. 4 new

    An Affair to Remember

    1957, in 9 top lists Check
  5. 5 new

    Three Little Words

    1950, in 0 top lists Check
  6. 6 new

    It's a Wonderful Life

    1946, in 33 top lists Check
  7. 7 new

    Singin' in the Rain

    1952, in 37 top lists Check
  8. 8 new

    Some Like It Hot

    1959, in 35 top lists Check
  9. 9 new

    All About Eve

    1950, in 25 top lists Check
  10. 10 new


    1932, in 19 top lists Check
  11. 11 new

    West Side Story

    1961, in 22 top lists Check
  12. 12 new

    A Tale of Two Cities

    1935, in 3 top lists Check
  13. 13 new

    Johnny Guitar

    1954, in 21 top lists Check
  14. 14 new

    The Three Faces of Eve

    1957, in 0 top lists Check
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