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Winston Churchill once said: "Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried." I feel the same way about this list.
11 years 5 months ago
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@MrCarmady, considering the fact that you have barely seen over 200 of these films I don't really understand how you can call this list Awful and boring.
11 years 7 months ago
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I don't think this is the right place for these 4 movies :
The Truman Show
Kill Bill
The Dark Knight
11 years 5 months ago
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Dimitris Psachos Springer

First of all, this list remains as boring as usual. So they added Out 1, big fucking deal, how about some other countries fucking TSPDT critics???

Yes, I'm hijacking again but THEY continue to twist my thoughts and perceptions:

"Interesting... could you please elaborate on how is Lumet a hack? I never criticized "your" Marx bros or Akerman... and I certainly have the right to dislike their work as you have the right to dislike Lumet, but calling this guy a "fucking hack" is way out of line."

Lumet was a studio boy who got lucky with some films. Notice that I love Marx Brothers but not the directors behind them: most of the directors themselves were hacks in the same vein of Lumet who became "successful" because of the Marx Brothers trio (ex-quartet). Lumet ended up being a hack instead of a visionary with Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon and The Hill. He ended up making bullshit studio crap like The Morning After and A Stranger Among Us among many others. Way out of line? You and your lot were and are way out of line when the homogeny of the taste on that forum is disgusting to say the least. I doubt anyone of you idiots over there appreciates Akerman in the same vein as Hitchcock or Antonioni. No wonder, she's too much for your meager heads.

"I'll clear things up here. Jimbo always claims to be banned for voicing his opinion and liking non-American films which is not true. He was banned for turning every thread he posted on into a debate about fascism. He has been banned on more than one occasion on another forum (which I'm not on and have nothing to do with). He is incredibly aggressive and abusive towards other members and he started swearing in almost every post before he was banned."

You're not clearing anything here mister know-it-all. I'm abusive to academia and one-dimensional points of view, particularly to individuals who don't seem to "escape" their safe zones. I was debating on every thread about the homogeny and repetitiveness of films/directors/"movements" most of you were somehow "aware of" and wouldn't even dare to consider "other" stuff a chance other than watching them and of course condemning them to "inferiority" mainly because of your pre-judgement. You were mocking me for pointing out the obvious bullshittery of mainstream crap like Rise of the Apes and for pointing out that directors like Ruiz deserve as many chances as your precious canonized fucks.

"We tried to reason with him and send him messages telling him to tone down his behaviour but he'd simply send back vulgar messages. In one such message he told me to "suck cock or lick pussy". This is who you're dealing with. He wanted to be banned so that he could talk about the fascist admins. We've been running the forum for about eight months and not one other member has even had a warning."

You deserve such treatment. Free speech contains heated arguments and fierce contradictions, what are you, some fucking 5 year olds who cry in their daddy's laps? Not one member had a warning because no one dared to oppose your homogeny.

"His second username was banned because he tried to hide who he was. You cannot be banned and then simply re-register under a different name otherwise there would be no point in being banned. After he was first banned I changed the settings of the forum specifically for him so that he'd still be able to read the posts. When it became clear that he was registering with fake usernames I had to do an IP ban."

The moment you banned my IP address, you became a fascist pig. After you first banned me, I gave up but I returned as jamesjoyce because I A: couldn't see any thread even when you messaged me that you "changed the settings" and B: because it would be the only way to acquire some links for rare films and short films to watch (in case they appeared)

Moreover, I returned in a civil manner and it's evident in my jamesjoyce posts but you didn't give me a second chance to prove so. Your behavioral judgement is pathetic to say the least, even more so by thinking that I returned with "fake addresses".

1. jamesjoyce is neither fake nor a cheat, I also have an original e-mail with that username
2. I don't know what your definition of "fake addresses" really is and I'm afraid to think otherwise but I only registered one more time after you banned me and that's it. Please do not accuse me again in the plural mode.

"One more point. Jimbo likes to claim things like "the majority of the users are bigots" or "the majority of users won't listen to this" etc. In reality, he's formed these views before even listening to what everyone has to say. I can even think of occasions when he responded to people to suit his own agenda even though what they posted had nothing worthy of the attack they received."

If they generalized, they deserved to be stomped down. Go crawl back into your hole rat.

"He might be knowledgeable about films but his anger and agendas wreck whatever points he tries to make which is a pity. For that reason, it's generally not worth getting into a debate with him as he has so much venom towards people."

Politeness has been dead for centuries. It's time for culture, education and history to prevail in an open-minded, worldwide notion and not towards specific areas of fucking interest.
9 years 10 months ago

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