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3 months 1 week ago
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Yet another unofficial Django sequel, or at least one of many westerns, post Corbucci's masterpiece, that have the main character named Django. Sadly, it's rather run of the mill and it failed to capture my attention in any major way. Gianni Garko, as Gary Hudson (a pseudonym representative of the creativity at work in this film), takes on the Django name as a bounty hunter who will learn to pay a steep price for his greed.

I was reminded of the Hitchcock/Truffaut interviews (coincidentally published that same year) where they came to the conclusion that the "better the villain, the better the film." Henry Fonda in Once Upon A Time in the West, for instance, would be a great example of this. Unfortunately for us, Guerrieri did not seem to be too familiar with this concept; had he made a quick trip to the bookstore before starting the film, he might not have thought it such a splendid idea to put more mascara on the bad guy, than on the female lead. Sadly the appearance of the villain, Manuel, was not the only laughable thing and a lot of the supporting characters are as grotesque as they are dull. Garko also makes a poor Franco Nero replacement here, even though he is usually quite good in other movies.

On a more positive note, the camera work is decent, there are a couple of fun shoot-outs and the locations are easy on the eye.
8 years 8 months ago
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