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132 min.
Ridley Scott
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Biography
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2.9% (1:35)
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  1. lachyas's avatar


    It's amazing how Ridley Scott churns out a movie which perfectly matches the quality of the script he's working with. Give him brilliance and he makes Alien, give him shit and he makes The Counselor, and give him mediocrity and he makes this completely mundane "thriller", even through all the behind the scenes drama. 3 years 9 months ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    All the Money in the World looks like it takes a lot of liberties with the true events surrounding the kidnapping of 16-year-old Paul Getty back in 1973, the grandson of the world's then richest man who refused to pay the ransom because he was a greedy old bastard. That's fine. As a film, it has other responsibilities, such as creating a story that is exciting, collapses into two hours, and follows a theme to its natural conclusion. In that respect, Ridley Scott manages to create a somewhat relevant portrait of the capitalist end game, where money is more important than anything, with some strong mirroring effects between Getty's financial empire and organized crime. A well-crafted biopic, but really, it's best seen as an acting showcase for the the always good Michelle Williams and, most infamously, last-minute pinch hitter Christopher Plummer who not only reshot all of Kevin Spacey's scenes in 9 days, but gives a great performance to the point where you can't imagine anyone else doing it. That's twice he's played Scrooge this year, but both performances are entirely different. I do think that in a few years, when the behind the scenes drama has been forgotten, the movie's achievements will likely fade and we'll be left with a competent real-life thriller, but not a particularly remembered one. 4 years ago
  3. Sam Loid's avatar

    Sam Loid

    I remember the first time I saw this movie I was thrilled. It was a very interesting story about a kidnapping. Apart from that there are a lot of interesting moments in the script. But I really liked the story of a businessman who made money all his life and did not think about his family. This now anyone can go to and win a lot of money. Back then it was more complicated. I recommend everyone to watch this movie. 10 months 1 week ago
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