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Joker of Gotham's avatar

Joker of Gotham

Thank You for everything.
Thank you for being the first.

Every DC fan thanks you,
You show us that it could been done,
a entire universe because of you,
you made us proud,

Thank you for being there for us,
for eight years you were there,
now you wont be,
but we will not forget.

Your Legacy will continue through the shows you inspired,
It will be immortalized by the storytellers,
by the larger than life characters,
the ones already in existance,
and the ones that are yet to come.

Thank You Arrow. (2012-2020)
3 years 7 months ago
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Season 1: I can't shake the feeling that they're copying Revenge outright (discover father's secrets, go on revenge spree, check off bad guys from list, lives of the idle rich, a secretive matriarch, rehab rich girl falls for blue collar shlub, flashbacks in every episode, and even the way the title is introduced in zoom out), but as a comic book nerd, I'm enjoying all the references to DC Comics' creators and characters, and how the latter are reinvented within Green Arrow mythology. The action scenes are excellent by television standards, and though each episode moves at a good clip, even though the overall arc is on a slow burn, with Olie not yet "Green Arrow", and his origin on the island acting as a parallel show with just as many twists and turns as the A-plot. Oh and if you have misgivings about GA killing (as all DC heroes now must), the characters IN the story do too, and I think this is another part of his "becoming" a superhero that's progressing from a remote point. The acting is a mixed bag, with the Huntress a particular irritation, but overall up to the task.

Season 2: Like many, I wasn't too keen on Oliver Queen being a killer in Arrow's first season, but I understood it for what it was - a journey to BECOMING Green Arrow - and my trust paid off in Season 2. This is a BIG season, one that throws the shackles of being just like Revenge to finding its own way, and not being afraid to grow the world tremendously. Green Arrow doesn't have a huge (or impressive) rogues' gallery, but they've combined it with the Teen Titans' (by way of Roy Harper) and the Suicide Squad. Let's just say it leads to one of the most action-packed finale I've ever seen on a TV show. I'll probably always hate the comic book Deathstroke forever, but Slade Wilson is actually a pretty badass villain in the series. Oliver gets a mask and a conscience and some more trick arrows, but other characters aren't immune to change. Fortunes go up and down, and some may not make it through at all. Very cool stuff on the whole.

Season 3: Arrow Season 3 sees the team grow to even include known villains, and Oliver's big arc (present) is a hand-me-down from Batman - becoming the heir to Ra's al Ghul. His arc (past) gets him off the island, and onto Hong Kong where Amanda Waller pushes him into becoming an assassin. The opening's phrase about becoming someone else, becoming something else, basically becomes the show's mantra. Now that The Flash is a thing, less street-level shenanigans spill into Starling City - a crossover with the Flash (who I wish hadn't appeared for a cameo later on, without spoiling, the more you use him, the more you wonder why he can't ALWAYS save your bacon in between seconds) and a starring role for the Atom (who started life as Ted Kord, but DC wouldn't have it, and so what we have is basically Iron Man at this point). Invested in the large cast, lots of shocking reversals, and appearances by DC characters (the Berlanti formula does fan service very well).

Season 4: To my surprise, Arrow's 4th season has turned out to be the best, or indeed the only one I've felt very enthusiastic about, even though the Island/past story has mostly felt like slow-moving filler. But I don't remember the show ever getting me as emotional as this season and the extremely desperate positions the characters were placed into, all become of the season's villain, Damien Darhk, played by the very entertaining Neal McDonough (though perhaps his portrayal isn't far enough from his Justified villain), and the introduction of proper magic to the CW DCU.

With the flashbacks to the island (and beyond) always 5 years behind the contemporary story, Arrow Season 5 promises to tie the loop on Lian Yu, not just in terms of the flashback, but by making the story about Oliver's past coming back to haunt him. Having him build a team of vigilantes (Wild Dog, an early irritant, becomes the best character of the lot), electing him mayor, giving him an incredibly smart, manipulative villain in Prometheus... I think all of that works, especially the latter, taking us to a maddeningly effective season cliffhanger. The season's big weakness is the Russian flashback, which seems to move at a snail's pace, and despite its ties to the present, never really engages. I couldn't care less about that chapter of Ollie's life. So maybe it's for the best that we're done with the five missing years.
6 years 1 month ago
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