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Mati Diop's short, Atlantiques (with an "s"), dealt with a very interesting topic - the reactions of people left behind in economically-depressed Senegal after some young men brave the sea to seek fortune in Europe - but it had too much to say given the format. That's why we're extremely fortunate that she was able to make a feature-length film on the same subject. Atlantique (no "s", though in English sold as Atlantics) expands on the premise and gives us a touch of magic as the workers, lost at sea, seem to return demanding justice. Justice... or love, in the case of Ada's boyfriend Souleimane. She's the protagonist, experiencing this loss the most acutely, and perhaps almost wishing the supernatural into existence. Meanwhile, a police detective is trying to get to the bottom of this X-file, adding a lot of interest because, well, we're not used to African cop dramas. Though it needs to hold to its reality, Atlantiques lets the cinematography do a lot of the work. I especially like Diop's ocean, either bubbling silver mercury or a dark patchwork of hidden dangers, but the phantasmic tower, the club lights as special effect, etc. are all memorable.
2 years 2 months ago
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Very good film that takes well known genres - zombies, film noir, reinterprets them in new ways. Also the cinematography and music are excellent. (8/10)
3 years 4 months ago
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Netflix streaming
4 years 4 months ago
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"Night Of The Living Dead" remake.
4 years 1 month ago
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