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    Did I miss "evil" woman character, or was this just a trendy sexist movie from begining to the end. When this trend was a thing in the 80's it was bad, so why reheat s**t in new form for developing minds to consume?

    Action was fine as expected and begining of the film was moving forward nicely, but later parts quickly run out of gas. Finale flew as straight as arrow and didn't aim high. Whole movie had probably just two to three surprises and rest was just another re-heat of old tropes.(some good, some bad) Won't watch this twice.
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    Bob Martins is originally from Parsippany, New Jersey. However, he spent his formative years in Apalachin, New York, where he attended Yeshiva University. It was there that he discovered his love for design and writing essays.

    After college, Bob worked at a chalkypapers company before...
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    Hey, I'm a guy from Australia that is currently obsessed with movies.
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