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frbrown's avatar


I don't know why some people are complaining - this is a solid movie.
10 years 10 months ago
Public Enemy's avatar

Public Enemy

Classic commie comedy!
11 years 11 months ago
Nowhere Man's avatar

Nowhere Man

If, whilst watching the pink panther you thought ‘I fancy seeing a soviet emulation of this’, this is for you.
1 year 3 months ago
Timec's avatar


frbrown - I have to agree. In spite of what the anti-Russian comedy mafia (which is almost as annoying as the anti-Bollywood mafia) would have us believe, this was actually a pretty decent flick.

(Edit: So no one misunderstands, while I really didn't mind the film, the "mafia" comment is extremely tongue in cheek.)
10 years 9 months ago
Deus's avatar


Russian classic! :)
12 years 11 months ago
Book of Sand's avatar

Book of Sand

I realize that comedy doesn't always translate well, but Soviets must have been pretty hard up for a laugh to make this neo-slapstick mess a national favorite.
12 years 1 month ago
Deus's avatar


To be more exact - soviet ;)
12 years 11 months ago
Limbesdautomne's avatar


Only the nine first letters of the title are brilliant. Rest is ovayarated by nostalgic soviet voluntary slaves.
10 months 3 weeks ago
Bobby Peru's avatar

Bobby Peru

In Soviet Russia, comedyfilm laughs at you!
1 year 5 months ago
BoiledFish's avatar


You don't understand such movies. You have to feel the mentality but you can't because you were born outside the former USSR and don't speak Russian. So, does it make sense to write that it is a bullshit and shame yourself? There are for 10000 people only one who doesn't like this film in the former USSR and all they have bad taste? Yeah right.
10 years 8 months ago
Armoreska's avatar


Guy-duy comedies are very quotable. Some of it will be lost in translation, to a higher degree than average. Can't score it less than 9/10 meself
10 years 1 month ago
Dan Bull's avatar

Dan Bull

You know when you think a film requires a second viewing in order to appreciate the plot properly, but you can't be bothered to watch it again? That was this film for me. Therefore I'll hold off from passing judgement on it.
10 years 8 months ago
allisoncm's avatar


A total mafia film. And this is definitely not a family film.
11 years 4 months ago
andype's avatar


I understand a bit Russian and I lived in Poland till 1988, thats why I know what typical soviet comedy is (which one we've got here) - pointless and unfunny. I really don't understand, why this movie is on the list 1960's, there was a lot of movies which much much more deserve to be on it than this one.
4 years 10 months ago

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