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Good ending, ok movie overall not bad but not really good and there are about 100+ better vampire movies that do the same thing. Doesn't really deserve to be on the list of greatest horror movies and honestly doesn't have really anything original either. I get that it was one of the few Vampire films based in the modern day when it came out but there a bunch of really good Vampire films that came before it and better ones that came after it. Other than seeing what a movie that was intended to be a softcore porn can become when they decide to make it a mainstream film instead, there is not much here worth watching.

Especially considering Fearless Vampire Killers came out prior to this film as well as Vampire Lovers coming out the same year only to have Vampiros Lesbos a year later, this film adds nothing to the genre and really has a few scenes including the ending that is done better by films that came before it.

With that said there are some things that the film did well, like the end sequence and the fact that it took place in modern times (even if it was the first) make it for its time an interesting film but it doesn't stand the test of time especially considering better vampire films came out the same year that are still good today. So I don't understand how this can be on a list of great horror films and would recommend skipping it.
4 years 8 months ago
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camp, charming, contemporary, and cheap 70s horror that goes from interesting to yawny, the final twist being infinitely foreseen – this one has no place in the book, quite naturally

8 years ago
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