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134 min.
Craig Gillespie
Crime, Drama, Adventure, Comedy
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4.3% (1:23)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    With a sequel in the works already, and given the sympathy built around the lead character, I'll call it now, there's every chance the Cruella saga will end with the original 101 Dalmatians timeline erased. I'm not precious at all about Disney's classics, and have foggy memories of them generally, so to me, Cruella was a better Joker movie (same basic premise, but ACTUALLY FUN) that played in two of my favorite genres - the heist and the revenge flick - and had a great cast, from the two Emmas (Stone as a totally awesome agent of chaos and Thompson as her mentor/agon) to the hilarious double act of Jasper and Horace, to the bit parts who were basically picked for their ability to do funny reaction shots. The fashions are insane and a lot of fun too - I'd rewatch this before you could sit me in front of The Devil Wears Prada again - and I really like the swinging London setting as well. Now obviously, it's a Disney movie and it's gonna be over-explaining things and for fans of the original source material, some of the call-backs are going to be a bit on the nose. I don't disagree. The music is great at setting the 60s and 70s stage, but the cues are over-obvious and lack subtlety (that distracted me, but I always came down on "but I really like this tune"). To my surprise, despite the Disneyphiles in my theater-going group, I was the most into it, maybe because I didn't have a Disney bias - if I have a bias, is that I'm drawn to movies where Emma Stone's eyes are so big they devour my soul. That might be it. 2 years 8 months ago
  2. nowhereman136's avatar


    Finally a good fucking remake. Cinderella and Christopher Robin were ok, and Mary Poppins Returns had to pretty high highs even if it also had some low lows. But Cruella is fantastic all the way through. Im not bothered much by how much this character deviates from the source material because of how engaging the character they created in it's place is. The acting is superb, the costumes are great (not just what Stone wears but everyone), great sound track, and a plot with enough twists to keep me interested. Any flaws i had with this would be considered nitpicky. I might be overly gushy over this because its finally something good when i've been disappointed so many times before.

    2 years 9 months ago
  3. GiuliA9's avatar


    Pretty decent. And entertaining. It reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada sometimes.
    LOVED the soundtrack
    2 years 9 months ago
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