Onuryz's disliked movies

  1. 13

    Der Bräutigam, die Komödiantin und der Zuhälter

    1968 — a.k.a. The Bridegroom, the Comedienne and the Pimp, in 1 top list Check
  2. 546

    Moses und Aron

    1975 — a.k.a. Moses and Aaron, in 1 top list Check
  3. 566

    Operai, contadini

    2001, in 2 top lists Check
  4. 581

    Les yeux ne veulent pas en tout temps se...

    1970 — a.k.a. Eyes Do Not Want to Close at All Times, or, Perhaps One Day Rome Will Allow Herself to Choose in Her Turn, in 1 top list Check
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