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I absolutely, unreservedly LOVED Elemental. The movie is about overcoming external differences & following one’s heart. My only critique is that given more time, Pixar could’ve developed the backstories of Elemental City communities a bit more.
10 months ago
chunkylefunga's avatar


Couldn't have followed a more basic formula if they tried.

Zero originality, a theme done to death, and predictable from start to finish.

Will be forgotten to the ages.
5 months 3 weeks ago
JG94's avatar


I was expecting the classic opposites attract movie, and I kinda got one, but that story is totally unimportant for the big plot.

The movie is about an immigrant working-class family that through hard-work get's to the middle class, without losing most of what it keeps it cohesive (but making their community growth, not decrease indeed). And the movie is explicit about it, as it gives more screentime to the beautiful animated city, than to her love-interest. Also, the fire burough is a mixture between brooklyn/queens looking at manhattan (Start of the XX century, maybe).


Their romance is cute, but the immigrant anxiety, duty sense, and specially the subtle hints of classism and xenophobia her community suffers (and how her proud dad answer with discrimination from himself also) is the key of the movie.

Sadly, the end is kinda bleh, even if it has a lovely moment. The love story is good, as the will/wont dynamic truly works (for a children movie, of course).

7 months 2 weeks ago
roco_1791's avatar


Honestly, I was expecting it to be bland and formulaic with the whole "opposites attract" theme, but it was actually quite enjoyable. The plot is pretty meh, but the main characters carry it throughout, it really felt like they had chemistry and was not a forced romance. Also, the animation is pretty nice, specially the fire characters. Best project delivered by Pixar since Coco, in my opinion.
9 months 1 week ago
boulderman's avatar


Very good, fairly basic but the waves were excellent animation.. Thought they were real!

Brilliant naming; Wade, Gale etc :)
Anticipated the woke/modern relationship nod

Surprised the father said "now time for hanky panky"!

Soundtrack wasn't great
2 months ago
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Pixar's best romance since Wall•e. Funny, original, sweet, and another visually stunning film from the masters of CGI animation.

10 months ago
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Matt Addis

How would they have sex? What would their children even look like?
Would they have like…steam children?

Extremely formulaic and some plot elements don’t make a lot of sense. but still enjoyable.
3 weeks ago
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First time Pixar felt corny for me :/ I think they did it better with Wall-E.
8 months ago
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Nothing original story wise and for kids below 6 year their isn't enough but I and the family really enjoyed ourselves. Sweet, lovely characters and stunning visuals. A bit too long but entertaining family fun
8 months 1 week ago
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Animation about family of emigrants and what path to choose in Your life. Unfortunately the best part was only that how different elements move and communicate.
9 months 3 weeks ago
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