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Another salvo from A24, the company whose motto should be "Our films aren't always great, but they'll always be awesome."

I appreciated the humor and razzle-dazzle, but the crucial failing was that I wasn't emotionally invested. I didn't give a darn about the family relationships supposedly at the film's core, and when they were resolved in the end, I felt nothing at all. And there wasn't any strong philosophical subtext such as you feel in, say, Charlie Kaufman films. Unless you count "Be kind" as some profound message.
1 month ago
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The strangest and most wonderful costumes AND the strangest and most wonderful fight scenes you'll see this year (possibly, ANY year), Everything Everywhere All at Once also has the most appropriate title of the year. The Swiss Army Man directors have done it again, only more so, and pretty much beaten all the multiversal superhero movies that are about to come out in the process. Michelle Yeoh is great as an overwhelmed (remember that word, it's one of the over-arching metaphors) laundry owner whose destiny may be to stop a powerful force from destroying all possible worlds. And while Yeoh can of course still do action and the movie fits the kung fu category, she can only win by providing an alternative (to save alternate worlds, natch) to nihilism. Help and hindrance are given by the likes of the ubiquitous James Hong, a very funny Jamie Lee Curtis, and Short Round himself, Ke Huy Quan. Everyone is amazing, especially Yeoh, and the film is extremely clever, blazingingly original, gorgeous to look at (and one day, freeze-frame), at times outrageously blue, and surprisingly poignant. Guys, we have an early front-runner for my favorite film of the year.
1 month 1 week ago
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Were my high expectations met? No, they were exceeded.
1 month 1 week ago
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I went into this one expecting to enjoy it because 1) I thought the trailer was wild 2) I love unconventional storytelling, 3) the Daniels seem to share my sense of humor, and 4) the overwhelming good reviews.

But I think this might be one of the greatest disparities I've experienced between what I was expecting from a film and what I actually got. The only thing that kept me from leaving my seat was the $15 I paid for my ticket.

Why did I dislike this movie so much? I'm still trying to find the words, but essentially as much as I am a fan of weird, out-there, complex and unconventional movies, without grounded storytelling to make the emotional content accessible I'm not able to come along for the ride.

I think this movie was just the Daniels trying to force a concept and a bunch of weird ideas and jokes but not being able to form an organic and compelling narrative around them.

So, visually awesome, super creative, and sometimes funny but a weak narrative that failed to hook me.
1 week ago
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Inventive, thrilling, creative, emotional, and every other adjective you can think of applies to this rollercoaster of a movie. Simply a joy from start to finish. And that Ke Huy Quan, boy can he act!! Hope to see him in much more.
1 month 1 week ago
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A better multiverse film than Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
2 days 18 hours ago
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lemon snatcher

Everything Everywhere All Movies at Once
2 weeks 2 days ago
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The culmination of 100 years of cinema.
3 weeks 3 days ago
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There is an element of animal abuse in the movie. Other than that, it is fine.
2 weeks 1 day ago
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