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100 min.
Josh Trank
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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  1. northwest8's avatar


    Really felt like a TV pilot that they tried to pass off as a movie when the series didn't sell. Its basically all set-up and introduction of characters, then wraps up and introduces a new base at the end just like a pilot would do. 8 years 8 months ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    You can't make me believe they went back to the comics when conceiving of 2015's Fantastic Four (mockingly called Fant4stic). It's clearly an adaptation of the failed movies - a Doctor Doom with powers and a boner for Sue, lots of faffing about with the origin, etc. - and like a game of Chinese whispers, we're getting further and further away from what the FF ARE and SHOULD BE. Basically, they've looked at the previous films and thought the problem was that they were too silly and unrealistic, but one of the problems in FF 1 and 2 was that they were ashamed of their comic book origins and tried to "logic it up". This one's even worse. What if the FF were teenage X-Men and Doom was emo Kylo Ren, in a world of murky grunge, dull REALISTIC aesthetics and almost no superheroics (though lots of people saying "shit"). They hang around at the school for gifted youngsters. Then some of them get turned into military weapons. I swear, if Doom is the villain (as opposed to, say, the scriptwriter), he shows up with his undefined powers at 1h18 to initiate ye olde sky laser, and it's all over 11 minutes later! The foursome are a team for a lot less than that, and never get to wear the uniform at any point. That'd be fine if only they had personalities, but no, the movie forgets to give them that too. Now, I was all in with the trip to another dimension as the spark for their powers - the original was a space race story that needs be updated - but that's where you bring in the Negative Zone and Annihilus and lots of asteroids and Kirby tech. But you have to be unashamed of the source material to do that. When you are, you give us a dead lump like this. 3 years 4 months ago
  3. Tidorith's avatar


    +1 FanFu.

    The main issue was definitely the shortness of the movie. The general plot is constructed well, the actual origin story itself is probably better than the previous movie incarnation of this franchise.

    The most lacking thing for me was that, because of the shortness of the movie, there was very little time given to exploring the powers of each hero in a setting other than those used in driving the plot forward.
    8 years 11 months ago
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