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Pretty nice conclusion to the trilogy. Showing the roots and origin of the evil and then finishing back where we started with it all was a good way to finalize the story. I still think 1978 was the best of the three, though.
6 days 21 hours ago
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Fear Street doesn't end on 1666, but rather on 1994 part 2, returning to where it all started (and which was probably the best part over all). Going further and further into the past with each installment seemed like a zero-sum game. 1978, for example, felt like we were watching foregone conclusions given what we were told in Part One. But what if there was a crucial like in the lore handed down from generation to generation. The heroine from the 1994 has a bit of a Quantum Leap into the life and memories of the witch at the center of events, Sarah Fier, and we learn the truth. And as we learn the truth, the so-called lore makes more and more sense. There's a fun re-use of the two previous casts as the Puritan village, and then we get down to ending the curse and defeating the Devil... in a mall... dressed up for a black light party... and it's a whole lot of fun. The classist setting set up in 1994 lives off the aforementioned lie and stands in for privileged society's lie about whatever lower class you care to name, principally, that hardship is deserved and inherited. The trilogy doesn't hit us over the head with it, but it's pleasantly there.
1 week ago
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