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Monumental. This outstanding historical figure deserves a great movie and he certainly got one. No need to ever make another. Ben Kingsley is amazing in this one just as he was in Schindler's List. One of the all-time greatest actors.
11 years 6 months ago
tigh66's avatar


Pretty good biopic that starts to really drag at the end.
12 years 6 months ago
Camille Deadpan's avatar

Camille Deadpan

What a great man Mohandas (Mahatma) was.
9 years 6 months ago
Earring72's avatar


Epic, absorbing, Extremely well acted and directed. Terrific drama
2 years 6 months ago
dirte_lawndre's avatar


Great film, didn't feel like 3 hours at all. Was glued to the movie screen every second, especially because of Ben Kingsley's awesome performance.
10 years 6 months ago
rwj's avatar


Great movie ... and my 700th check :-)
12 years 6 months ago
shaveen's avatar


What a great movie..
4 years 4 months ago
Klondike Bongo's avatar

Klondike Bongo

Loved the old school intermission!! I watched this in bed and it provided a great opportunity for a quick fag!
4 years 4 months ago
gatekepa's avatar


Ben Kingsley... phenomenal. I really enjoyed this film, and I was quite surprised. I expected to be bored to tears due to it's 3 hour length, but wasn't. I was fully engaged from start to finish, though I must say the intermission was quite welcome, haha.
10 years 7 months ago
Roberth's avatar


Great movie, I really liked the quote from Gandhi in the end. Ben Kingsley does a great job.
12 years 5 months ago
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I won't say much....I am an Indian.
12 years 5 months ago
DaniloFreiles's avatar


Neanche un accenno al fatto che fosse vegano. Un dettaglio non trascurabile visto che era per la "non violenza": una filosofia di vita che si estende a tutti gli esseri viventi, non solo a chi ci fa comodo.
2 years 11 months ago
GodPepper's avatar


I loved everything.
10 years 9 months ago
dombrewer's avatar


Phenomenal performance by Ben Kingsley in an excellent biopic. Justly regarded as a classic in my opinion.
10 years 11 months ago
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cringy, boring, obnoxious, and obvious piece of liberal propaganda
4 years 8 months ago
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